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Graduate School of Professional Psychology


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and humane graduate-level education of the highest quality in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, international disaster psychology, sport and performance psychology, and sport coaching; to promote scientifically-based professional training for applied clinical work; and to accomplish this within an academic environment of cooperation and collaboration that fosters critical thinking and self-determined functioning.


To fulfill our mission, GSPP has established the following educational goals:

  • to provide exposure to, and critical analysis of, the broad spectrum of scientific and philosophical perspectives concerning the bases of human behavior and development across the life span
  • to provide experience with, and critical analysis of, the full range of clinical assessment and intervention strategies and techniques
  • to provide exposure to a wide range of clinical populations through the use of supervised clinical training experiences
  • to inculcate the highest standards of ethical and professional functioning into clinical thinking and practice
  • to foster a deep, abiding respect for, and understanding of, the diversity of the human condition
  • to instill an understanding of the application of scientific and experimental methods to applied clinical practice, and to prepare students to conduct and critically evaluate psychological research
  • to promote a knowledge of, and appreciation for, the history of psychology and the ways in which it can enrich and be enriched by an interdisciplinary perspective
  • to foster in professional psychologists a spirit of community responsibility and leadership in our evolving and complex society.