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Graduate School of Professional Psychology


As we look to the future and reflect upon our solid foundation and four decades of success, we are guided by our own goals and those of IMPACT 2025, the University's ambitious strategic vision. Our aim is to have greater impact, change more lives, make the world a better place, and become a national model for the interweaving of practice-based education and innovative psychology specialties that have practical and meaningful effects on our communities and our world. Even more, it means our students hold a greater understanding and are prepared to meet a diversity of people. We are proud of the ways our GSPP Clinics serve our community.

Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC)

The Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC) is the training center for the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. The PPC has provided low cost, high quality psychological services to Denver's community for 40 years. In addition to psychotherapy services, the clinic also provides psychological assessments and forensic services. Staffed by doctoral students under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals, we offer a broad range of confidential mental health care. Gifts made to this fund will support the high-level psychological services provided to all clients, regardless of need.

By investing in the PPC, you are providing resources to our students and the communities they serve.

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New Start Clinic

The New Start Clinic is designed to meet a growing need in our community for integrated and comprehensive mental health services. As a clinic that provides low-cost services on a sliding fee scale, we are dedicated to serving the underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized members of our community. These members include but are not limited to: low income individuals, the elderly, victims of abuse, those with severe mental illness, and those with disabilities. Gifts made to this fund will support the high-level psychological services provided to all clients, regardless of need.

By investing in the New Start Clinic, you are providing resources to our students who work community members who require the most need.

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Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC)
The Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic provides help to people after adversity with services that honor and expand their strengths and resources. The TDRC assists those in need of psychological interventions to alleviate the effects of traumatic experiences and foster resilience as well as personal, family, and community growth. In addition to within-clinic services, The TDRC also provides community outreach programs to agencies serving at-risk populations. Outreach services bring psychological care and education to those who are unable to access the PPC. Gifts made to this fund will support the high-level psychological services provided to all clients, regardless of need.

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Denver FIRST

The Denver Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training (Denver FIRST) serves as a regional hub for all things forensic and is a recognized go-to site for expertise in forensic mental health. Operated within the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology, and integrated with the Masters of Forensic Psychology Program, Denver FIRST fosters community and university partnerships through a host of research, service, and training opportunities. Current projects and partnerships include, but are not limited to, working with incarcerated adults, child welfare cases, juveniles on probation, recently released adult offenders, offenders with neuropsychological deficits, animal cruelty cases, and persons facing competency issues in a variety of court settings. Gifts made to this fund help address the psychological needs of these vulnerable population.  Learn more at

By investing in Denver FIRST, you are providing direct resources to our students and faculty who are the expects in forensic psychology in our community and beyond.

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Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX)

The Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) is a nonprofit consulting organization run by GSPP students that provides sport and performance psychology and life skills coaching to the Denver community. Every day our students use performance as a vehicle for positive social change, and teach mental strategies to achieve personal excellence. Through passionate service delivery that emphasizes well-rounded development, personal responsibility, and citizenship, CPEX clients gain the knowledge and develop the tools to chart a new course for their future. Gifts made to this CPEX fund will support students' conference travel expenses and expenses associated with providing CPEX services.

By investing in CPEX, you are providing resources to our students in the Sport & Performance Psychology Program at GSPP and the communities of athletes and performers they serve.

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Caring for You and Baby Clinic (CUB Clinic)

This fund provides support for the work of the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialty and corresponding Caring for You and Baby (CUB) Clinic. This specialty addresses the growing needs of our community by significantly increasing the number of graduates trained to provide the highest quality of service to perinatal women and children from birth to five, generating new applied knowledge in this area, and supporting interdisciplinary partnerships that promote health for young children and their caregivers.

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