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Graduate School of Professional Psychology


Forensic Faculty on The Denver Channel

Dr. Apryl Alexander, Forensic Psychology faculty member, spoke to The Denver Channel about juveniles facing adult charges in the justice system. Watch here. (10/3/18). 

Sport Psychology Alumni Interviewed

John Carlson, Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver alum (and retired NFL player), was interviewed by Super Bowl champ (and Notre Dame teammate) Ryan Harris as part of Denver Startup Week regarding mental performance as both an athlete and an entrepreneur.

Faculty on Memory Recall and Trauma

Dr. Kim Gorgens spoke to Fox31 about the science of trauma and memory, noting that the retelling of traumatic memories may sound disjointed, but that does not make the memories untrue. Watch the video. (9/24/18).

Faculty Supports Veterans in 50-Day Row Across The Atlantic Ocean

Another great article about Dr. Jacob Hyde's work with the Fight Oar Die team as December approaches! Hyde studies the effect that isolated, confined and extreme environments have on the brain. (9/18/18). 

Alumna Turned Faculty Shares Tedx Talk on Social Justice

In this moving TEDx talk, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas (PsyD alum and adjunct faculty member), "invites us to join her on a social justice journey and shows us how to shift the culture from the bias and discrimination we currently have, to one of empowerment and dignity; one story at a time." 

Forensic Faculty in Denver Post

Dr. Apryl Alexander (Forensic Psychology faculty) wrote an op-ed for The Denver Post about how adolescents are developmentally distinctive from adults and should be treated as such. Apryl covers these issues in the "Evaluation and Treatment of Juvenile Offenders" course at GSPP.(8/23/18).

Faculty on Fox News 

Dr. Kim Gorgens spoke to Fox News about Christopher Watts and the local case that's making national headlines: "Persons who have a psychopathic personality are granted intimate access to people because they're really good at building those relationships and mimicking emotions," Gorgens said. Professor: Christopher Watts (8/22/18)

Faculty quoted in US News & World Report

Dr. Katy Barrs, Clinic Director for The Sturm Center, is quoted in US News & World Report on Collaborating to Care for Veterans: "Everyone working for Veterans can be partners, not rivals."  Collaborating to Care for Veterans. (8/1/18).

Faculty quoted on mental health concerns in the ongoing rescue effort of Thai soccer team.

Dr. Jacob Hyde, director of the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, quoted in the Washington Post and Interviewed by 9 News Denver on the strains of being stuck in a cave. He stated the survivors could face mental health effects including depression, anxiety, anger and an inability to adjust to normal sleep patterns. Four members of Thai soccer team rescued after more than two weeks in flooded cave (7/9/18).

Forensic Faculty Shares About Caring for Inmates

Dr. Neil Gowensmith quoted in the Denver Post about scientific evidence supporting the notion that those with severe mental illness should not be treated in prison. Colorado is wrongly incarcerating people with mental illness. (7/28/18)

Faculty TedxMileHigh: Uncommon Talk

PsyD and Forensic Psychology faculty member Dr. Kim Gorgens shares insights into the criminal justice system through a TedxMileHigh: Uncommon talk. A mental health discovery that could change criminal justice forever  (6/16/18). 

Sport Alumni to serve Association for Applied Sport Psychology as Student Delegates

Sport & Performance Psychology alums Joanna Foss '14, Julia Cawthra '15, and Emily Peterman Cabano '17 are serving as Student Delegates for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. (June 13/2018).

Faculty Interviewed - Best/Worst Cities for Veterans

Dr. Jacob N. Hyde, Faculty Director of GSPP's Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, weighs in on the best and worst places for Veterans to live-- click on "Ask the Experts" to find his input (November 6, 2017). Best and Worst Cities for Veterans 2017

IDP Alum Holds New Anti-Human Trafficking Role

Charlee Borg (IDP '16) is the first full-time anti-human trafficking coordinator at HopeWorks, a domestic violence center in Howard County, Maryland. She was hired to create and implement new strategies to meet the unique needs of human trafficking survivors (October 19, 2017). More: HopeWorks rolls out advanced human-trafficking survivor services 

Faculty Interviewed - Refugees + Social Media Footage of Crisis

Dr. Gwen Mitchell lent her expertise to an article about Denver's Rohingya refugees use of social media-- Facebook Live-- to watch footage of the current humanitarian crisis in Myanmar (October 19, 2017). Gwen has lived and worked in Myanmar and currently supervises an alum working in the impacted region. Full piece: Thanks to Facebook Live, local Rohingya refugees are living out conflict a world away

SPP Director - Mental Aspects of the NFL Bye Week

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver, weighs in on psychological implications of the NFL bye week (October 13, 2017). Read the full article: Optimum Performance: NFL bye week: rest, repair, regenerate, win

Student/Alum Collaboration - Suicide Prevention + Male Military Sexual Trauma

Katie Dorsey, a US Air Force Veteran and current PsyD student, co-authored an article with PsyD alum and adjunct, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas: Suicide prevention among  men who experience military sexual trauma (MST) (September 10, 2017)

Forensic Alum Represents at Hill Day

Forensic Psychology alum and Colorado Hill Day 2017 State Captain, Moses Gur, organized meetings with all 7 Representatives and a meeting with both Senators with 35+ attendees! (October 4, 2017)

PsyD Alum on 9News - Rebuilding After Tragedy

Following the deadly mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas, PsyD alum and adjunct Dr. Evan Axelrod of Nicoletti-Flater Associates shared expertise about rebuilding routines, despite fear, after a tragedy. Watch the video here.

SPP Student Named Volunteer Men's Hockey Coach

Congrats to Chase Hollander, current student in Sport & Performance Psychology, for being named a volunteer coach on the staff of our (defending national champions) Men's Hockey team (September 30, 2017). Have a great season! Read the announcement here: Former Wisconsin-Stout goalie Chase Hollander need volunteer coach at Denver 

COPE Founder Honored - Ray of Hope Foundation

Diane Simard, founder of GSPP's COPE- Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence- was honored at the Ray of Hope foundation's 15th Anniversary event this weekend, for her advocacy and philanthropy for those affected by cancer (September 16, 2017). Grateful for your partnership, Diane! 

2017 International Travel Highlights - Faculty

Prague, Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; Monrovia, Liberia; the UK; Budapest, Hungary; Coatepeque, Guatemala; Durban and Cape Town, South Africa; Trujillo, Peru; Ayacucho, Peru; Sevilla, Spain.. click for photos and details about faculty travels abroad this calendar year!

Alum Wins Health Equity + Environmental Justice Award

Congratulations to Aimee Voth Siebert, International Disaster Psychology '12, for receiving Colorado's 2017 Health Equity and Environmental Justice award! (September 8, 2017.) Through CDPHE, Aimee offers training in disaster behavioral health, community inclusion, and crisis communications.

Alum Shares Story as Melanoma Survivor

IDP Alum Amy Wanninger shares her story as a melanoma survivor. Amy has been a great partner and advocate for COPE, our Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence, serving as a guest lecturer and panelist throughout the past year. Thank you for sharing your voice, Amy! Full video and article from CBS: Melanoma Experts Meet to Showcase Latest Research (August 2017)

Faculty Weighs in on Abusive HS Coaching

Dr. Brian Gearity, director of MA Sport Coaching, weighs in on a local news story surrounding abusive HS coaching practices: "It's time to stop treating coaching like a weekend workshop and more like a true profession that has rigorous standards and accountability," Gearity said. Click for more: DU Sport Coach Educator Questions How High School Coaches Are Trained (August 26, 2017)

IDP Student Writes About International Internship

Laura Feehs, IDP '17, describes participating in Marš Mira, the annual peace march that commemorates the Srebrenica genocide, during her summer internship (July 14, 2017). In full: Reflections on the Marš Mira

Sport Coaching Student Competes in Taipei

We're proud of current Sport Coaching student, Jaimee Springer, for making the Canadian track and field team to compete in the 2017 Summer Universiade Games in Taipei this August! She's excited to learn more about how other coaches interact with their athletes and teams over the two weeks she will spend abroad. Congrats, Jaimee! (July 2017)

GSPP Dean Talks About How Worrying Can help you

Dean Shelly Smith-Acuna weighs in on worry (Reader's Digest) - click for the full article! (June 26, 2017)

Podcast with MASPP Director - Handling Failure

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver, weighs in on failure for episode #5 of the Relate podcast: "If Olympic champions can fail, so can you"-- click to listen to the audio! (June 21, 2017)

Faculty Member Earns APA Achievement Award

Congratulations to Forensic Psychology faculty member, Dr. Apryl Alexander on receiving an APA Achievement Award for Early Career Psychologists! She will be presented with the award at the APA Convention in August. (June 16, 2017)

Podcast with Sport Coaching Faculty Member

 Podcast: Listen to Dr. Clayton Kuklick of Sport Coaching, University of Denver as he chats with NSCA from the DU weight room. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes (June 13, 2017). 

MASPP Director Quoted in SELF Magazine

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver, is quoted in this SELF article about a new studio combining boxing, mindfulness (June 7, 2017). 

Faculty Members Participate in US Embassy Program

See link below for coverage of Dr. Rohini Gupta & Dr. Annie Miller's trip to Birmingham UK with a delegation from Denver/Aurora to learn about different approaches to challenging extremism (June 1, 2017). This is part of a US Embassy-facilitated learning exchange which will bring Birmingham delegates to Denver/Aurora later in the year. Here's more info about their experience.

Sport Psych Blog- A Self Confidence Journey

Confidence can sometimes be a hard thing to come by. Sometimes you might feel underprepared to handle a situation despite your education (May 26, 2017). Kailee Feldman describes her personal experiences of self-doubt in different aspects of her life and how her training in sport psychology helped her conquer some of her fears. See her blog post here

COPE Director & Alum Featured on Denver News

We're on the news tonight! (May 18, 2017) Learn more about the support we're providing for cancer survivors and their caregivers through COPE, the Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence (featuring Dr. Nicole Taylor, alum Amy Wanninger). See the video here.

Director of MASPP Weighs in on Eating Disorders 

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver, weighs in on the significance of one college football player's willingness to address his eating disorder (May 15, 2017). See the post here.

The Nobel Pursuit of Happiness- Sport Psych Blog

Everyone has a different journey, with each person on their own individual path. But how do you figure out if you're on the right one? What do you need to discover in order to be happy along the way? Alex Easby draws upon the work of Alfred Nobel to describe how awareness can supplement your "pursuit of happiness" (May 12, 2017). Check out the blog post here

COPE Director in U.S. News And World Report

Today in U.S. News and World Report: read Dr. Nicole Taylor's op-ed, "Make Mental Health Support a Part of Cancer Care." Dr. Taylor is the Director of COPE, the Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence at GSPP, where we're training the next generation of clinicians to better serve cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers (May 10, 2017). You can see the op-ed piece by clicking here. 

MASPP Faculty Member Named a Fellow of the NSCA

Congrats Coach Brian Gearity! Impressive new honor (May 3, 2017). We are proud to announce that Dr. G was named a Fellow of the NSCA, making him one of 60 individuals throughout the NSCA's 40-year history to be awarded this honor. Well done, Coach!

MASPP Alum helps Indiana University Team

Behind the scenes as a sport psych consultant: learn about MASPP alum Julia Cawthra's work with Indiana University's volleyball team! (May 1, 2017) From Coach Dunbar: "I respect her opinion so much, I want her to tell me, "this player was having a tough time, maybe you approach it this way instead of the way you did." If she's just going to come in and say everything's great, that doesn't help me become a better coach." Click here to see the article. 

MASPP Student reviews Sport Psychology Book

Conscious Coaching is a book with a unique approach to assisting athletes to reach their potential. Alex Beckett elaborates on the main points of the book and how it can be useful to beginning sport consultants (April 28, 2017). To see this piece as well as other student written articles, check out the MASPP blog. 

MASPP Director Gives Advice for Young Athletes

a) Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psych, weighs in on mental blocks among young athletes: "Mental blocks can happen for different reasons.. one example is as kids mature, their awareness starts growing and they begin to think to themselves, 'I can really hurt myself doing this' or 'I can really embarrass myself doing this.'" (April 24, 2017) Click for more!

MASPP Alum Helps Participants in 2017 Army Trials

Army Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness training centers have employed numerous Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver alums (April 17, 2017). This article featuring alum Shawn Saylors highlights the role of performance psychology in the 2017 Army Trials. Great work, Shawn! Check out the piece by clicking here.

University of Denver Increases Contribution to Yellow Ribbon Progam

a) Increased funding for Veterans at DU! Beginning this fall, DU will offer a $5,000 match for eligible Post-9/11 GI Bill students. The Yellow Ribbon Program makes additional funds available for Veterans attending an out-of-state or private university. The VA matches all contributions made by an institution (April 11, 2017). The DU Newsroom has more information on the program in an online article.

Faculty & Student Quoted in DU News Article-Increasing mental Health Awareness

GSPP Dean Shelly Smith-Acuna, Dr. Jacob Hyde (Faculty Director, Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology), and PsyD Student Leisha Chiles are all quoted in an article about increasing mental health awareness on campus (April 4, 2017). To read the article, click here!

PsyD Student on 9 News - Suicide Awareness

PsyD student Leisha Chiles is featured in a 9News story about the powerful "Send Silence Packing" event organized by DU's Mental Health Task Force (March 29, 2017). Great job, Leisha, and all those involved in advocating for mental wellbeing on campus! To check out the video, click here!

APPIC Internship Match Day - Success in Phase I and II

GSPP's PsyD program had a 94% match rate this year during Phase I, compared to the overall PsyD match rate of 79%. After Phase II, GSPP earned a 100% match rate (March 20, 2017)! Congratulations to the outgoing interns. Thank you to our Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Jenny Cornish, and all of our faculty and supervisors for their outstanding mentorship.

PsyD Student in March APA Monitor - Student Leadership Roles

PsyD student Jerrold Yeo is featured in the March APA Monitor article, "Take Charge!" which focuses on leadership roles within APA for students and early career psychologists. March 1, 2017: Take Charge!

IDP Director Receives Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Faculty Award

Congratulations to Dr. Judy Fox, Director of the International Disaster Psychology program, for receiving the Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Faculty award at the DU Women's Conference (February 10, 2017)! Students nominated Judy based on how supported they felt by her while they were abroad and dealing with stressors. Students found Judy to be reliably available and a calming perspective during times of turmoil. Learn more about the Robin Morgan Award

International Disaster Psychology Alum - Mental Health at Standing Rock

MAIDP alum Cindy Wendling has taken over the mental health vetting process for the medic and healer council at Standing Rock (January 31, 2017). "If you know anyone interested in supporting please send them my way. We are looking for Masters level individuals that can be self sufficient and willing to be flexible in their abilities to support. People that can withstand cold, windy North Dakota winter weather, people willing to let go of western views, respect and act from Lakota traditions and be in a ceremonial/prayerful camp. I can answer any questions and am willing to walk people through our needs." Contact [email protected] to be connected with Cindy.

Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology in MilitaryTimes - GI Bill + Psychology 

A January 30, 2017 MilitaryTimes article included GSPP's Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology when highlighting psychology programs that offer specialization in the military psychology. "These programs are not open just to veterans. However, I hope veterans consider applying to these programs. I'm a strong believer that the men and women who have worn the uniform are well suited for careers in psychology. In general, veterans think analytically, excel in identifying and solving problems, and possess the desire to help those who are most vulnerable. These are all key skills and attributes that effective psychologists need to possess."  Veterans: Consider using your GI Bill for a psychology degree

Latinx Psychology On Educa Radio - Bullying

Current PsyD + Latinx Psychology Specialty students Katie Walker and Raquel Meade spoke to Educa Radio (January 23, 2017) about bullying. Educa Radio is a Spanish-language radio program created by Denver Public Schools to reach Spanish-speaking parents. Acoso Escolar – Bullying

Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology Profiled in MilitaryTimes

MilitaryTimes profiled the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology and the Sturm Center in Aurora (January 20, 2017). "The specialty track within the institution's PsyD program welcomed its first class of graduate students in the fall. Several were veterans or currently serving, and vets were prominent among applicants for the second cohort, said Jacob Hyde, the former Navy corpsman who is now faculty director over the specialty." New psychology specialty trains grad students to work with veterans, families

Latinx Psychology Video - International Student Exchange, Chile

Over winter break, Latinx Psychology Specialty students and staff traveled to Chile for their second visit to Universidad del Desarrollo. While there, Psicologia UDD Santiago filmed a video (in Spanish and English) of the experience! Learn more about the international student exchange, which sends GSPP students to Chile and brings UDD students to Denver (January 19, 2017): Full video

Faculty Contributes Op-Ed to Denver Post - Next VA Secretary

Dr. Jacob N. Hyde, Faculty Director of the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, contributed an op-ed to the Denver Post regarding the (still unnamed) VA secretary:
"The secretary should direct VA to partner with academic medical centers, university-based clinics and private practices who employ doctors that received VA training during their education and to prioritize these partnerships over other community agencies who may employ providers who do not have the requisite exposure, training and cultural competence in treating this population." January 5, 2017: New VA secretary must seek help from private sector

Sport & Performance Psychology Faculty, Students, Alums Collaborate on Book

Sport and Performance Psychology faculty Drs. Aoyagi, Poczwardowski, and Shapiro edited "The Peer Guide to Applied Sport Psychology for Consultants in Training," published by Routledge (January 5, 2017). The guide features chapters from numerous GSPP student and alumni contributors, see the full table of contents: The Peer Guide to Applied Sport Psychology for Consultants in Training

Faculty as Lead Coordinator - National Multicultural Conference & Summit

PsyD Director Dr. Terri Davis served as Lead Coordinator for the 2017 National Multicultural Conference & Summit in Portland, Oregon (January 4-6, 2017). We also had a great showing of GSPP alumni and faculty! Drs. Fernand Lubuguin and Lynett Henderson Metzger presented on "Maximizing Your Multicultural Courses." View the full Summit program

GSPP's Year-End Video Greeting - 2016

Our students, alumni and faculty take a moment to reflect on some of the unique training opportunities and career paths available through GSPP. Thank you for being part of our community in 2016! Watch the full video (December 31, 2016): GSPP Community Gratitude Video 2016

Faculty on "The Real Deal in Sports" Radio Show - Gun Ownership + Pro Athletes

Dr. Brian Gearity, Founding Director of the MA Sport Coaching (online) degree program, was a guest on KGNU radio's "The Real Deal in Sports" show on the topic of gun ownership among professional athletes (December 21, 2016). Listen to the full hour: The prevalence of gun ownership among professional athletes

GSPP in DU Magazine - School's 40th Anniversary

How did GSPP get its start? DU Magazine asked co-Founder Nelson Jones, who cites a shortage in mental health care for WWII Veterans as a prime motivator in launching a school dedicated to training a new workforce of clinicians (December 20, 2016): GSPP Celebrate its 40th Anniversary

Sport Coaching Program Hosts "Get Fit with Chancellor Chopp"

"I don't want to be known as the coach who took down the chancellor, so we will keep it safe, while challenging, too," said Dr. Brian Gearity aka Coach G, the Founding Director of GSPP's MA in Sport Coaching (online). Students, staff, and faculty from all across the DU community, including Chancellor Chopp, got a head start on those New Year's resolutions at "Get Fit with Chancellor Chopp," a workout led by Coach G (December 15, 2016). Read a preview of the event on DU Newsroom and watch a video of our workout.

Alum Featured by SGB Media - Returning to Sport After Injury

MASPP Alum Stephanie Zavilla was featured in, "A Mental Guide to Ski Injuries: The Fear of Returning to Snow," an interview about "how to banish psychological demons and recover with confidence" after a skiing injury. She's been a mental skills coach with Winter Park's team of about 1,000 athletes for four years. Read the full piece (December 12, 2016): A Mental Guide to Ski Injuries: The Fear of Returning to Snow

Off-Campus Clinic Opens - Veterans, Service Members, and their Families

On December 7, 2016, GSPP welcomed campus and community partners to celebrate the opening of our first off-campus clinic, the Sturm Center in Aurora, serving Veterans, Service Members, and their families. Congratulations to Dr. Katy Barrs, Dr. Jacob Hyde, and Dean Shelly Smith-Acuna for making this exciting vision a reality! Learn more about our services: The Sturm Center

PsyD Student on APAGS Blog - Internship Applications Submitted, What Next?

What should you do now that you've submitted your internship applications? GSPP PsyD Student & APAGS Member-at-Large, Practice Focus, Jerrold Yeo has some advice, and it includes taking a well-deserved break (November 30, 2016): Now that you've submitted your internship applications...

2nd Annual Postdoctoral Fellowship Position - Forensic Psychology

We are pleased to announce Denver FIRST's second annual postdoctoral fellowship position at the University of Denver (November 21, 2016). The fellowship provides opportunities for forensic practice, supervision, research, and teaching. Primarily, the fellowship offers a blend of forensic evaluation practice and academic duties. Full details on our website: Postdoctoral Fellowship - Denver FIRST

Military Psychology on DU Newsroom - Veterans Day

"Veterans and service members are some of the most resilient people that we have in our society"- Dr. Katy Barrs, Clinic Director of the Sturm Center, as quoted on DU Newsroom (November 15, 2016). Dr. Barrs & Dr. Jacob Hyde, Faculty Director of the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology presented at the Veterans Day Pioneer Symposium themed "Service and Politics." DU is committed to providing the best education and services for veterans, and GSPP is proud to be a part of this mission. Read full article or watch the video: DU Increases Commitment to Veterans

Alum in University Business - Technology + Campus Well-Being

Alum Nathaan Demers, PsyD '14, contributed a piece to University Business about incorporating technology into the college counseling setting: "Having the ability to empower the students who never came to see me as a counselor is what ultimately inspired me to join a digital health company. It's my ethical responsibility, and the responsibility of colleges and universities, to make technology-based preventative care and early interventions part of a school's counseling and overall wellness system." Read the full piece (November 14, 2016): The hidden health crisis on campus: How technology can improve students' mental well-being

Faculty on Volt Athletics Blog - 10 Must-Read Sociology Articles for Coaches

Dr. Brian Gearity, Founding Director of GSPP's MA in Sport Coaching (online), curated a reading list for Volt Athletics, "Understanding Your Athletes: 10 Must-Read Sociology Articles for Coaches" (November 7, 2016). Check out the three-part series: Part 1 - the Full List; Part 2 - Breaking Down the First 5 Articles; Part 3 - The Final 5 Articles

Sport Coaching Webinar - Athlete Network

Dr. Brian Gearity, Founding Director of the MA in Sport Coaching (online) at GSPP, presented an hour-long free webinar on working with sport coaches for Athlete Network (November 3, 2016). Use password "athletes" to view the webinar: Fall 2016 Meet the Experts: Advice on Working with Sport Coaches

Center for Performance Excellence Consultants - 2016-17

Meet our CPEX Consultants! (Current students in the MA Sport & Performance Psychology Program.) This year's team includes former MLB and NFL players, musicians and performing artists, 8 international students, and a wide range of consulting interests including: injured athletes, adaptive sports, high risk occupations, military personnel, sports officials, and business teams (November 3, 2016). CPEX Consultants 2016-17

International Disaster Psychology in DU Newsroom - Summer Internships Abroad

In one panel titled 'Pre-departure, Connecting, Re-entry,' Bridget Kromrey said that while each of the students prepared differently for their journeys, "None of us could have imagined what experiences or people were awaiting us. Despite the many difficulties and the memories I wanted to leave behind, I carry those people with me tonight, and there's no preparing for that." DU Newsroom was there to cover the event (October 28, 2016). Psychology Students Provide Mental Health Services Across the Globe

Latinx Psychology on Educa Radio - Domestic Violence

Current IDP student Kirsten Elzey and alum Christopher Norton (IDP '16) spoke to Educa Radio (October 27, 2016) about the impact of domestic violence on families: La Violencia Doméstica y el Impacto que tiene en las Familias

COPE on CCTV - Psychosocial Support for Cancer Survivors + Caregivers

China Central Television (English) produced a great video describing the necessity of services provided by COPE, the Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence at GSPP (October 21, 2016). Thanks to the first cohort of students for allowing us to visit class, and thanks to founder Diane Simard, director Nicole Taylor, student Hannah Katz, and guest lecturer Lavita Nadkarni for sharing their unique perspectives. Watch the video: University hopes psychosocial care to play bigger role to cancer treatment

Psychology and Biology Faculty Collaborate - Aging + the Injured Brain

Thanks to a pilot grant from DU's Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging, GSPP faculty member Dr. Kim Gorgens has partnered with Dr. Dan Linseman, an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, to study the impact of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) on aging adults. See the video (October 14, 2016) about this exciting interdisciplinary collaboration! Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging - Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Sport Coaching Makes "Top 15" List - Sports Management Degree Hub

GSPP's Online MA in Sport Coaching was ranked 7th in a list of Online Coaching Education programs! "The program gives students a unique amount of choice, allowing a multitude of unique paths in the form of electives. Students seeking further concentration also have the option of acquiring a strength and conditioning specialization, which grants a prestigious professional distinction." Full list: The 15 Best Online Masters in Coaching Education

Alum on Colorado Public Radio - Down Syndrome + Regression

GSPP Alum Lina Patel (FP '02, PsyD '06), Director of Psychology at the Sie Center for Down Syndrome, spoke to Colorado Public Radio about patients experiencing regression, "characterized by childlike behavior and a loss of language and social skills (September 29, 2016). Listen to the interview from the Colorado Matters segment: Colorado Center Focuses on Mental Health Problem Affecting Young People with Down Syndrome

Faculty on Colorado Public Radio - TBI Among Inmates 

Dr. Kim Gorgens appeared on the Colorado Public Radio show Colorado Matters to discuss the connection between brain injury and crime (September 21, 2016). In a pilot program that assessed dozens of inmates in Denver county jail for brain trauma, nearly 100% of inmates were found to have faced some type of brain injury: Violent Lives Make Inmates Prone to Brain Trauma

DU Makes "Best Colleges for Veterans" Rankings - US News & World Report

"DU also ranks 53rd on the list for 'Best Colleges for Veterans.' This comes as DU has beefed up its programs and opportunities directed at veterans and military personnel," including GSPP's Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology and Sturm Center (September 14, 2016). More work to be done, and we're ready! Intro to Military Psychology & Culture starts tomorrow. University of Denver Ranked as One of the Best Colleges 

Dean Travels to Prague - Infant Mental Health's World Congress

In May, Dean Shelly Smith-Acuña traveled to Prague with a group of Colorado mental health professionals/advocates to attend the World Association for Infant Mental Health's World Congress. Click to read their key takeaways (September 9, 2016)! (With thanks to our friends at Gary Community Investments for the write-up and collaboration.) Why Infant Mental Health Matters

Faculty on KGO Radio - "Victim" vs. "Survivor"

Following his blog post on using the word "victim" vs. "survivor," Dr. Michael Karson was interviewed on KGO Radio by Ethan Bearman (August 31, 2016): Why One Theory Shows The Term "Victim" Is More Appropriate Than "Survivor."

COPE Founder Named to Outstanding Women In Business List - Bizjournals

We are pleased to share that Diane Simard, founder of the Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence at GSPP, was recognized as one of metro Denver's 2016 Outstanding Women in Business (August 29, 2016)! Congratulations, Diane! (Just two weeks until our first course in Oncology Psychology gets underway.) Metro Denver's 2016 Outstanding Women in Business List

Faculty in DU Newsroom - Psychological Impact of Natural Disasters

"Being able to connect with others, taking advantage of community support and avoiding social isolation is very important to coping and recovery," says Dr. Judith Fox, Director of the International Disaster Psychology Program at GSPP (August 23, 2016). The Psychological Impact of Natural Disasters

Clinic Director Awarded Early Achievement Award - Division 19

Dr. Katy Barrs received Division 19's Arthur W. Melton Early Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to military psychology within 5-10 years of entry into the field (August 6, 2016). Katy, a 2007 GSPP alumna, hit the ground running when she was hired as Clinic Director for the Sturm Center in February, and is preparing to launch the new off-site clinic this  fall. Congratulations, Katy!

Faculty AwarDed APA Presidential Citation - Rehab Psychology

Dr. Kim Gorgens was honored with an APA Presidential Citation Award at the annual APA Convention (August 5, 2016) for her leadership and advocacy in the field of rehabilitation psychology. Congratulations, Kim! Read the full press release.

Student wins two awards at APA - Rehab Psychology

A great start to APA (August 5, 2016): Current PsyD student Jerrold Yeo received two awards from Division 22: Rehabilitation Psychology. The awards were: 2016 APA Division 22 Presidential Citation: Student Conference Chair, and 2016 APA Division 22 Presidential Citation: Strategic Planning Task Force.

Faculty in Huffington Post - The Role of Failure in Sport

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, is featured in this Huffington Post article (August 3, 2016) discussing the role that failure plays for athletes, and "reconceptualizing failure" as learning and development. 3 Things Failure Can Teach You About Success

Latinx Psychology on Educa Radio - Acculturation 

Acculturation is a complicated process. Emily Harrington and Diana Hinojosa, both PsyD students from the Latinx Psychology Specialty, address the topic on this Educa Radio podcast (July 28, 2016). La Aculturación- Proceso complicado que impacta a todos

Faculty in DU Newsroom - Olympics, Mental Prep

We often hear about the intensity of physical preparation by elite athletes at the top of their game. Dr. Steve Portenga (Sport & Performance Psychology faculty) is featured in this DU Newsroom article (July 19, 2016) about the mental preparation needed to compete in the Olympics: Preparing Mentally for the Olympics

Latinx Psychology on Educa Radio - Reducing Stigma

Christopher Norton (IDP '16 + Latinx Psychology Specialty) and Jenn Paz, PsyD (Assistant Program Developer, Latinx Psychology) were featured on Super Estrella/ Educa Radio Denver (June 30, 2016) to talk about reducing mental health stigma: Reduciendo el Estigma en relación a la Salud Mental

Faculty featured in Newsweek - TBI Among Prison Inmates

Newsweek feature (June 29, 2016) on the work of Dr. Kim Gorgens and GSPP students regarding traumatic brain injuries in the prison population: Teaching prison inmates about their own brain trauma could help them rehabilitate 

GSPP in DU Magazine - Military Psychology and Sturm Center

DU magazine highlighted DU's efforts to increase local resources for veterans, service members, and their families (June 28, 2016). This includes GSPP's new Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, directed by Dr. Jacob Hyde, and its associated training clinic, the Sturm Center, directed by Dr. Katy Barrs! DU extends welcome mat for veterans

Faculty & Alum on Vice.Com - Mindfulness in Sport

Dr. Mark Aoyagi (Director of Sport and Performance Psychology) and Lani Lawrence (PsyD '12) are featured in this insightful article about mindfulness and mental aspects of high level performance, sports or otherwise (June 27, 2016). Read on! The Mindful Athlete: Can Preventative Mental Health Improve Performance, Too

Faculty in the Buffalo News - NHL Concussion Lawsuit

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, contributed to a 4-part series in The Buffalo News regarding the NHL concussion lawsuit (June 23, 2016). Mark expertly weighs in with "three reasons for hockey players' continued desire to play after suffering a concussion. Read the full article: Giving up the game a difficult choice for concussed NHL players (Article is no longer available online)

Coaching Student in Washington Post - Strength & Conditioning

Current MA Sport Coaching student Scott Caulfield is featured in this Washington Post article about grip strength (June 22, 2016). Read the full piece: Why grip strength is important, even if you're not a ninja warrior

Faculty in DU Newsroom - Mass Shootings and American Psyche

Dr. Judy Fox, Director of the International Disaster Psychology Program, is featured in this article on the new DU Newsroom website: "Vicarious trauma and distress can result from watching the news, where you see what happened and you see the reactions of people who lost people." Read the full article (June 20, 2016): Impact of mass shootings on the American psyche

Nod to Latinx Psychology Specialty on NPR

NPR mentions the University of Denver in a short list of schools across the country that address the mental health needs of our Latina/o population (June 9, 2016)! Click to see what our colleagues are doing nationwide: Students fill a gap in mental health care for immigrants

Faculty in Strength & Conditioning Journal 

Dr. Brian Gearity, Director of Sport Coaching, had an article published in the June issue of Strength & Conditioning Journal (June 6, 2016). Read the abstract: Toward a Sociology of Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Student in DU Magazine - Featured Graduates of 2016

Ophelia Song of the International Disaster Psychology's class of 2016 was featured in DU Magazine's graduation feature (June 2, 2016). "We are required to work abroad during our first summer break in the program. I went to Malawi, Africa, where I had the chance to learn how a mental health organization functions in a developing country. I can see how my degree can help me work in these countries in the future. There is a tremendous need for professional mental health workers in developing countries, and I think I can contribute to the improvement of their mental health services." Read the full interview: Countdown to Commencement: Graduate student aims to pursue passion in international work 

Dean & Student attend Infant Mental Health World Congress

Dean Shelly Smith-Acuna is part of a Colorado delegation currently in Prague for the Infant Mental Health World Congress! GSPP student Karalynn Royster is also there presenting on her doc paper (chaired by Dr. Laura Meyer), "Conceptualizing the miscarriage experience through the lens of Ghosts in the Nursery." Congratulations to Karalynn and thanks to Laura for your mentorship (June 2, 2016).

Faculty on Into the Fold Podcast - Forensic Mental Health

Listen to Dr. Neil Gowensmith talk about challenges and solutions within forensic mental health (April 15, 2016): Into the Fold, Episode 23: Talking about forensic mental health

Faculty in Austin Chronicle - Sports Body Politics

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, is one of the experts interviewed for this interesting piece that asks, "Teams have paid for the player's skill – does that also entitle them comprehensive access to the player's being, in its entirety, from brain chemistry to his or her GPS-tracked location? Should matters as complex (and private) as a player's thoughts be analyzed at all? Connecting those thoughts to the tangible, will emotional and psychological stability become a requirement for employment?" Read the full article (March 10, 2016): Sports' Body Politics

Faculty in DU Magazine - Founders Forum Presentation

Dr. Lavita Nadkarni, Associate Dean of GSPP and Director of Forensic Psychology, is mentioned in this DU Magazine piece about the faculty presentations at Founders Forum (March 3, 2016). "Our grad students go beyond the stigma of crime and listen to their clients' stories, hear their narrative," she said. "We want them to be objective and to be as genuine as they can to create a real relationship with their clients." Read the full article: Faculty present diverse research at Founders Forum 


COPE in DU Magazine - Launch of Oncology Psychology at GSPP

In partnership with Founder Diane Simard, GSPP is pleased to launch COPE - the Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence. DU Magazine published the press release from the night of our launch celebration (February 24, 2016). Read the full piece: University of Denver announces new center for oncology psychology

Faculty in DU Magazine - Center for Professional Development

DU Magazine published an article about the innovative and collaborative efforts of the Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver (February 18, 2016). Faculty member Dr. Kim Gorgens serves as Executive Director, and GSPP is one of the four partner schools. Read the full article: DU's Center for Professional Development establishes new model for Continuing Education

Faculty on Clinical Advisory Committee - District 18 Wellness Court

A Clinical Advisory Committee has been established to provide clinical insight into District 18's Wellness Court and its standards as well as provide guidance on treatment and service practices. Dr. Neil Gowensmith (Forensic faculty) and adjunct Dr. Patrick Fox are part of this committee! Full article in Law Week Colorado (February 8, 2016): Improvements Coming to 18th Judicial District's Wellness Court

Faculty on CBS News - Super Bowl Jitters

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, is featured in this CBS piece about Super Bowl jitters (February 6, 2016). Click for more: How football pros manage Super Bowl jitters

Faculty in Aspen Times - Competency to Stand Trial

Dr. Neil Gowensmith, Forensic Psychology faculty, is quoted for his work with the prosecution in this case- determining whether a second mental health evaluation is needed (February 5, 2016). Full article: El Jebel double-homicide suspect says Lucifer possessed victims

Faculty in CO Springs Gazette - Psychology of Injury

Dr. Steve Portenga (Sport & Performance Psychology) weighs in on the psychology of injury for elite athletes like Peyton Manning (January 25, 2016). Full article: 3 with Klee: Going deeper with the Broncos-Patriots in the AFC Championship

Faculty on - Brain-Shrinking Behaviors

GSPP's resident brain expert, Dr. Kim Gorgens, weighs in on behaviors that shrink your brain (January 13, 2016)! And yes, lack of sleep made the list. Full article: These are the 10 common behaviors that are actually shrinking your brain

Faculty & Students in DU Magazine - Brain Injury Among Inmates

Dr. Kim Gorgens and GSPP students were featured in a DU Magazine article for their work with brain injuries among the prison population (January 4, 2016). This article was the headline story on DU's website for the week. Click to read: Psychology students prevalence of brain injuries among prisoners

Faculty in CO Springs Gazette - Planned Parenthood Shooting

"The court is not interested in making sure the defendant can pose a good legal strategy. They just need to be able to know that the defendant can pose a legal strategy that's rational." Dr. Neil Gowensmith (Forensic faculty and Director of Denver FIRST) was interviewed by the Colorado Springs Gazette regarding competency to stand trial in the Planned Parenthood shooting (December 23, 2015). Full article: Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect to Return to Court Wednesday

Faculty in Courthouse News - Planned Parenthood Shooting

Dr. Neil Gowensmith, Director of Denver FIRST - Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training, was interviewed by Courthouse News (December 11, 2015) regarding the mental competence of Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear. "The unfortunate reality is that the criminal justice system is the largest mental health provider in the country," Gowensmith said. Read the full article here: Is Dear Insane, or a Terrorist? Or Both? 

Faculty in Denver Post - Helping Kids Cope after Mass Shootings

Dr. Judy Fox, Director of the International Disaster Psychology program, was featured on the front page of the Denver Post (December 9, 2015) discussing ways to help kids and teens cope after traumatic events. "If you're the parent trying to steer the focus, aim for positive imagery instead, Fox said, 'like, how are people helping each other? Noticing that side of things is really important.'" Read the full article here: Kids and teens processing recent high-profile mass shootings, too

Latinx Psychology Student in DU Magazine - Hispanic Heritage Month

Christopher Norton (2nd Year International Disaster Psychology student) was featured in DU Magazine (October 6, 2015) for Hispanic Heritage Month. Christopher, one of the inaugural students in the  Latinx Psychology specialtyis excited about the opportunity to connect with his heritage while making a difference for Spanish-speaking community members who seek mental health services.Read the full article: Specialty in Latinx Psychology offers grad student the chance to connect with his heritage

Faculty Highlighted by Glendale Chamber of Commerce - Private Practice

Dr. Jamie Shapiro, Assistant Director of Sport and Performance Psychology at GSPP, was featured in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, a publication of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce (October 2015). Read the full article: Improve Your Mental Game With Dr. Jamie Shapiro

Dean Quoted in DU Magazine - Knoebel Center for the Study of Aging

Dean Shelly Smith-Acuña was quoted in DU Magazine (August 10, 2015) regarding the new Knoebel Center for the Study of Aging at DU. The center will be an interdisciplinary effort including health and mental health, legal issues, social work, and engineering. As an example of GSPP's involvement, Smith-Acuña notes, "We have faculty members who are interested in stroke recovery, so our faculty and students can be involved in assessment of post-stroke functioning, with the understanding that they’ll be providing a service and also collecting data on what interventions are possible to aid stroke recovery. Read the full article: A new DU center takes a multifaceted approach to the study of aging

GSPP at APA Toronto - Full Schedule

Once again GSPP is well-represented at the annual American Psychological Association convention (August 6-9, 2015), with students, alumni, and faculty from all programs presenting. Topics include: feminist family therapy, performance psychology, trauma-informed treatment, the supervisory relationship, animal abuse evaluations, alternative career paths, and more. Click to view all GSPP presentations

Faculty Quoted on - Habits of Disciplined People 

Dr. Kim Gorgens was interviewed by Fast Company regarding the habits of highly-disciplined people (August 2, 2015). "Self-discipline is the make-or-break variable in nutrition, diet, relationships," says Gorgens. "It keeps people out of jail and keeps them employed, so it's the 'all upside, all the time' variable." Read the full list: 5 Habits of Highly Disciplined People

International Disaster Psychology on Fox 31 - Local Flood Relief

The International Disaster Psychology (IDP) Program was featured on Fox 31 Denver as part of the "Transforming Passion into Purpose" series about the impact of DU students in the community (June 28, 2015). Alum Aimee Voth Siebert '12, now Disaster Behavioral Health Specialist for the CO Dept. of Public Health & Environment, talks about her job connecting the community to important resources during floods or other disasters. Watch the video: Disaster to courage: DU psychology students help communities recover

Center for Performance Excellence on ABC 7 - Adaptive Sports

GSPP's Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) was featured on local Denver ABC 7 regarding their partnership with Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation (June 15, 2015). The news team visited Sport and Performance Psychology alum Scotty Hanley '15 at the Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp in Aurora; Scotty began volunteering for CASF in 2013. Watch the video: DU grad students help assisted athletes perform better and live better

Faculty in Denver Post - Aurora Theater Trial, Mental Illness

Dr. Neil Gowensmith, Forensic Psychology faculty and Director of Denver FIRST, was included in a Denver Post article by Jordan Steffen (May 31, 2015) about considerations involved when a defendant pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. "Gowensmith also worries that cases such as Holmes' — in which people who have or claim to have mental illness commit violent acts — will cause the public to draw unfair correlations between violent crimes and mental illness.'People with mental illness are no more violent than people without mental illness. They're no more likely to commit crimes than people without mental illness.'" Read the full article: Insanity, mental illness collide in Aurora theater shooting trial 

Faculty on Talk Center America - Aurora Theater Trial, Day 13

Dr. Neil Gowensmith, Forensic Psychology faculty and Director of Denver FIRST, was interviewed by Diana Dimond on Talk Center America (May 14, 2015). Gowensmith spoke about the impact of reliving the tragedy of the Aurora theater shooting throughout the duration of the trial: "It's a traumatic event and-- certainly for those folks who were in the theater--  it's very difficult to understand the level of trauma and horror that those individuals experienced. Even associated people in the courtroom-- jurors, court personnel-- there's a lot of heart-wrenching testimony and that is impossible to ignore psychologically; you can't leave that at the door." Watch the full video: Theater Trial (Day 13)

Alum Featured on Telemundo - Vicarious Trauma

Yolanda Barrera (PsyD '06) was interviewed on Telemundo Denver (May 1, 2015) to discuss the psychological impact jurors could face in the Aurora theater trial, as well as children who hear about the trial on the news. Watch a video clip (en español): Múltiples fuentes de estrés para jurado en juicio (Multiple sources of stress to trial jury)

Faculty Quoted in Denver Post - Aurora Theater Trial, Day 1

Forensic Psychology faculty member Dr. Neil Gowensmith was quoted in the Denver Post (April 26, 2015) as opening statements are set to begin in the Aurora theater shooting trial. Gowensmith serves as Director of Denver FIRST: Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training. "Whether [Holmes] is legally sane or legally insane, we will have a much better understanding of why something like this happens." Read the full article: Long-awaited trial begins for Aurora movie theater shooting defendant.

Dean Quoted in US News & World Report - Bad Money Habits

Dean Shelly Smith-Acuña weighed in on how "bad money habits" might be addressed in therapy (April 16, 2015). Smith-Acuna noted the issue is especially common in couples therapy, when one partner quibbles over the other's financial indulgences. Read the full article: 5 Ways to Break Your Bad Money Habits

Research Featured in Denver Post - Jail-Based TBI Treatment

Dr. Kim Gorgens and GSPP students were featured in a front page article (March 10, 2015) for their work developing a jail-based TBI treatment. Through a partnership with the Colorado Brain Injury Program, they've secured grants totaling $1.5 million to continue this work and initiate screenings in 13 other jails along the Front Range. Read the full article: Nearly all Denver jail inmates in high-risk unit have brain trauma.

New Sport Coaching Program Featured in DU Clarion

Dr. Brian Gearity, Director of Sport Coaching at GSPP, gave an interview to DU's student newspaper, The Clarion (March 3, 2015). "There are sport-based and kinesthetic parts of a coach’s education, but according to Gearity, this program will integrate the kind of psychological knowledge that a coach needs to achieve the best possible coaching outcomes.  Students will have the option of completing the new program entirely online, which Gearity said will be extremely beneficial to the average coach with an extremely busy schedule." Read the full article: New psychology graduate school program

GSPP Student Named APA Division 39 Graduate Scholar

Congratulations to Josh Burg (3rd Year PsyD student) for receiving a Graduate Scholar Award from APA Division 39 - Psychoanalysis! Award benefits include mentorship, journal subscriptions, and a stipend to support attendance at the spring 2015 meeting in San Francisco.

GSPP Faculty, Alum on 9News - Stress of Emergency Medical Services Jobs

Dr. Kim Gorgens was interviewed on 9News (February 17, 2015) regarding the recent suicide of a paramedic at Denver Health. A former paramedic herself, Gorgens noted that the "accumulation of exposure to trauma is really wearing." She added, "it's a real reality check that we are failing an entire occupation" by overlooking the occupational risks of EMS work. GSPP alum Erin Walrath was also featured in the segment, commenting that those who work in this field may not recognize when self-help is needed, despite their extensive training to help others. Watch the interview: Family says EMS job stress contributed to suicide

GSPP Faculty on 9News - Dating in the Digital Age

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Dr. Kim Gorgens weighs in on dating in Denver in the digital world (February 11, 2015). Gorgens suggests, "What's normal dating is what feels comfortable for each individual, and if they're paralyzed by fright at the thought of sitting across the table from someone, then online might get them into a conversation with a person they might ultimately connect with." Read the article: Secret to landing a date in the digital age

GSPP Alum Pens Children's Book, Featured in DU Magazine

Jonathan Jenkins, PsyD '13 was featured in DU Magazine (January 8, 2015) for his recently published children's book, "Wednesday Afternoons with Dr. J." The book aims to introduce kids to psychotherapy and address anxieties they might have about the experience. Dr. Jenkins currently works at Mass General and serves as instructor in the Harvard Medical School teaching community at the hospital. Read the full article: Alum's book aims to help children face psychotherapy

Faculty Quoted in Denver Post - Competency to Stand Trial

Neil Gowensmith, PhD, was quoted in a Denver Post article regarding competency to stand trial in two high-profile court cases (November 14, 2014). "The inability to distinguish right from wrong, that's not in any clinical definition anywhere for any mental disease or disorder that is out there," Gowensmith said. "Most people with a mental illness or symptoms know right from wrong in the legal sense." Read the full article: Guilty verdict for Ari Liggett shows challenges for Holmes' attorneys.

GSPP Alum Receives Student Diversity Award from AASP

Joanna Foss (MASPP 2014) received the Student Diversity Award from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) at the organization's annual conference in Las Vegas (October 2014). The award recognizes and honors the achievements of students involved in research, service or applied experiences that focus on issues of diversity that impact sport, exercise and health. Foss is currently a Graduate Assistant in the University of Missouri Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Health Behaviors Research Lab.

Associate Dean - United Methodist University Scholar/Teacher of the Year

Dr. Lavita Nadkarni, Associate Dean of GSPP and Director of Forensic Psychology, has been named the United Methodist Church - University Scholar/Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014! This award recognizes an outstanding faculty member for contributions to scholarship and teaching at the University of Denver. Faculty are honored for exceptional teaching, concern for students, and commitment to high standards in professional and personal life.

GSPP Faculty - CCESL Service Learning Faculty of the Year, 2014

Dr. Neil Gowensmith, PhD (Forensic Psychology faculty) received the CCESL Service Learning Faculty of the Year award for 2014. This award honors a DU faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to teaching innovative service learning courses that improve the students’ academic knowledge as a direct result of their community experience. It is presented annually by the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL) at DU. Gowensmith led a service learning trip to South Africa. Watch video of their trip! 

GSPP Student Awarded APA Public Interest Policy Internship

Clara Fajardo (PsyD) has been awarded an APA Public Interest Policy Internship. Clara is 1 of only 2 doctoral students to receive this competitive, prestigious award. This internship provides graduate students with firsthand knowledge of the ways in which psychological research can inform public policy. The intern will spend one year on the staff of APA's Public Interest Government Relations Office (Washington, D.C.). The office works to influence legislative and regulatory activities impacting populations and areas such as: disabilities; aging; socioeconomic status; ethnic and racial minorities; children, youth and families; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons; individuals with HIV/AIDS; or trauma, violence and abuse.Congratulations, Clara!

GSPP Faculty Recognized for Excellence in Program Evaluation

Dr. Thomas Barrett (International Disaster Psychology faculty) was awarded the Katharine Reed Cummins Award for Excellence in Program Evaluation in Colorado for 2014. This award is presented annually to a person or group of persons for a specific project or a body of work related to program evaluation in Colorado. It is awarded by the Organization for Programming Evaluation in Colorado (OPEC) in memory of their friend and colleague, Katharine Reed Cummins.  

Faculty Quoted in Discovery News - School Stabbing

Kim Gorgens, PhD, was interviewed by Discovery News regarding the mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania (April 9, 2014). Read the full article: Knife vs. Gun: What a Weapon Reveals.

Faculty Quoted in TIME Magazine - Sochi Olympics

Mark Aoyagi, PhD, Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, was interviewed for an article in TIME Magazine (February 8, 2014). Alice Park's article explores new team sports at the Sochi Winter Olympics and is titled, Turning Individual Athletes Into Team Players.

GSPP Student Named Multicultural Concerns Committee Scholar

The Multicultural Concerns Committee and Sexualities and Gender Identities Committee of APA’s Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) present annual travel awards for students or early career professionals who have an interest in the area of diversity within psychoanalytic psychology. Kritika Dwivedi (PsyD candidate) has been awarded this honor and will receive $500.00 to attend the 2014 Division 39 Spring Meeting in NYC.

GSPP Students Featured in DU Magazine - Flood Relief Efforts

International Disaster Psychology students and alumni were featured in a DU Magazine article detailing their efforts to provide mental health services following major flooding in the Boulder area. Read the full article: International Disaster Psychology students help Colorado heal after flooding.

GSPP Faculty Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Artur Poczwardowski, PhD, associate professor in Sport & Performance Psychology, received the 2012-2013 Distinguished Teaching Award at the University of Denver's fall convocation. Poczwardowski's publications and professional presentations focus on sport psychology service delivery for performance enhancement and psychological well-being, coach-athlete relationships and coping strategies in elite performers. Since 1991, he has consulted with individual athletes and teams in sports including tennis, golf, soccer, ice hockey, track and field, air pistol shooting and speed skating. At the elite level, he worked with the Polish national judo team at the 1992 Olympics and the St. Lawrence University Division I women's hockey team. In 2013 he was a keynote speaker at the International Society of Sports Psychology World Congress in Beijing, China. View the video tribute shown at convocation.


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