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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Latino Psychology Specialty

Latinx Psychology Admissions

Applicants interested in the Latinx Psychology Specialty must be accepted into of GSPP’s four programs. Please visit the GSPP Admissions page for application details.

Each fall, students will be offered Spanish language testing to determine baseline proficiency levels via a web-based measure of language skills across several domains.

The first course will begin in the Winter quarter. The sequence will progress for the following three quarters, allowing for simultaneous field placement work and the immersion trip.  

Prior to completion of the first three courses and the immersion experience, students’ Spanish language skills will again be evaluated with an oral examination prior to entering the final Advanced Latinx Bilingual Seminar. 


Please contact the Latinx Psychology Program Director with your questions!
¡Contacte a la directora del Program Latinx con sus preguntas!