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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Latino Psychology Specialty

Latinx Psychology Specialty


Note: Latinx (pronounced "La-TEEN-ex") is a term that is inclusive of gender, ethnic and racial identity.

GSPP is committed to resolving disparities among minority access to quality psychological services by initiating a training project that will employ innovative and effective practices to improve mental health providers’ abilities to provide culturally-appropriate mental health services to Spanish-speaking clients.  According to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates as of July 1, 2013, there are roughly 54 million Latinx individuals living in the United States, representing approximately 17% of the U.S. total population, thus the nation's largest minority. However, nationally, Latinx individuals are only 60% as likely as Whites to receive these necessary health services (TriWest Group, 2011).

Colorado is one of 10 states with the largest Hispanic/Latinx population (Office of Minority Health, 2013), with that group comprising 20.7% of the state’s population and 31.8% of the population of Denver in 2010 (IndexMundi, 2013). However, only 8% of the Colorado providers surveyed identified as Latinx/Hispanic and fewer than 15% claimed that they are able to provide specialized care (TriWest Group, 2003). It has therefore been recommended that Colorado policy makers focus on “access in specialized areas of need, including … culturally- and linguistically-competent providers of all types” (TriWest Group, 2011, p. 9).

In order to meet the increased demand for providers, students in the any of the four GSPP psychology programs who elect the Latinx Psychology Specialty will be trained to provide bilingual and culturally-competent services using evidence-based practices.  Through a sequence of classes that intensely focus on the linguistic and therapeutic demands of the Latinx Psychologist, the research on effective approaches to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, and the ethical and service-learning considerations of the field, students will be provided a small-group cohort environment in which to excel at providing the most current and validated services in the Latinx mental health field today.


Please contact the Latinx Psychology Program Director with your questions! 
¡Contacte a la directora del Program Latinx con sus preguntas!

Hetty Pazos, PsyD
[email protected]

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