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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Program Overview

Vision, Mission, and Values


The University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology Sport & Performance Psychology (SPP) Program aspires to develop competent, ethical, and socially conscious professionals who will be future leaders in our field. We will take advantage of the power to contribute to the greater good through the vehicles of sport and the performing arts. Through these endeavors, we will be an influential and nationally recognized leader in sport & performance psychology.


The mission of the SPP is to serve our students and the Denver community, and in so doing establish standards for the field academically and professionally.

We will serve our students by facilitating applied opportunities for sport and performance consultation, engaging them to advance scholarly inquiry and cultivate critical thinking, and actively mentoring students in the application of performance principles and professional issues.
We will serve the community by teaching and modeling positive character traits that are assumed to be developed in sport and performance environments, with a special emphasis on providing and supporting opportunities in underserved populations.
Academically, we will provide an innovative, leading edge educational environment capitalizing on our faculty's ongoing applied experiences.
Professionally, we will contribute to our discipline's knowledgebase and be actively involved in professional organizations with a focus on protecting future consumers by improving and redefining the quality of training and practice for sport & performance psychology consultants.


1. Integrity: Emphasis on ethics and professionalism

2. Human Dignity: Commitment to inclusive excellence

3. Service: Dedication to civic engagement

4. Excellence: Leadership in SPP

5. Growth: Investment in developing competent professionals

6. Quality: Active mentoring in the practitioner-scholar model