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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
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The Sturm Center

"Narratives of Resilience: Stories of Women Veterans"

The University of Denver, The Graduate School of Professional Psychology, and the Military Psychology specialty were proud to host "Narratives of Resilience: Stories of Women Veterans."

Our hope for this event was to shed light on the unique contributions and experiences of women in uniform while challenging the narrative about women and their roles within the U.S. military. Roughly 15% of current Service Members are women, and only recently have they been allowed to integrate into all operational roles within the U.S. military. Women have been involved in all aspects of military service, mostly unrecognized and systemically blocked from opportunities offered to their male counterparts. Women have been serving on the front lines of combat in recent wars in both overt and covert operations; Lioness teams in Iraq, Female Engagement teams in Afghanistan, and combat surgical support to name a few. Women Service Members perform exceptionally within their roles in the military despite institutional and cultural barriers that encumber their efforts and confound their capabilities.

As these Service Members exit military service and become Veterans, they face myriad challenges and simultaneously experience great accomplishments. The four women who spoke at "Narratives of Resilience: Stories of Women Veterans" shared stories and personal insight into their military service and experiences of transition through different roles within and outside of the military. Their stories were moving, eye-opening, inspiring, and motived others to challenge and recraft their own perceptions of women, military service, capability, and resilience.