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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

PsyD Essay Questions

Please respond to the following two essay questions. The word limit for both essays combined is 1500 words.

*Please upload one document including both essay responses to your online application.  Please number each essay response.

Essay 1

Describe someone you know, other than a parent or guardian, about whom you have strong ambivalent or conflicting feelings. Describe the person in such a way that they “come alive” for the reader. How do you understand your reactions to this person?  How might your personal history influence how you react?

Essay 2

What life experiences and personal motives have most influenced your decision to pursue graduate study in psychology?
*This question is about your personal motives and requires a degree of self-disclosure.
*Avoid writing about the wish to help others or about how you want to contribute to society.
*There is no need to list your credentials or professional experience (this is already on your CV/resume which will be read).