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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Sport Coaching

Current Students

Lindsay Kibler

Spending two years doing anything will surely have an impact on your life, but this program opened up opportunities for me that I thought would only stay pinned on my cork board.

Lindsay Kibler

It wasn't until after college, and multiple coaching positions, that I realized what I wanted to be doing with my life. I decided to enroll in this program because I wanted to better my understanding of networking, how to manage the game, the team, and to develop my coaching philosophy.

Having the ability to coach while taking these classes was truly the best way I could have learned the content. I was able to directly implement anything from our online discussions, as well as get feedback on questions and real life situations. One of the true bonuses is having access to professionals from all over the world who want to help you.

Through the University of Denver's Sport Coaching program, I have been able to challenge and expand on my coaching knowledge and skill set. I had always looked at sport coaching as a way to help youth develop their confidence and become a well-rounded student athlete. I had also always wanted to get involved with volunteering in other countries, but I wasn't exactly sure how to make that connection with sport.

The MASC courses allowed me to customize what it was I was truly interested in. Between the reflections I had with a paired mentor and the deliberations with online peers who fuel your excitement for coaching, I came to realize I wanted to pursue Sport for Development of Peace.

With my new found revelation that there was something like this that actually existed professionally, I had 100% support from anyone involved in the program, especially Dr. Brian Gearity. Together, we were able to create a class credit opportunity and find a grant that allowed me to travel to Masese, Uganda where I spent time at a refugee school with a well-known reputation for their successful sports teams.

I am currently using my capstone project as my foundation for the business that I am creating. Sport is a universal language, and I want to bridge the gap between the student athletes I'm working with in the US, and the student athletes I was able to meet in Uganda.

There is an endless amount of incredible things I could say about my experience in the Sport Coaching program. But having the endless available resources given to you in this program makes the difference between being a coach and being a Scholar Coach.