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Redefining Mental Health

Redefining Mental Health

GSPP is a Leader in Redefining Mental Health

For more than 40 years, the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) has been a national model for innovative mental and behavioral health education, training and service. In 1976, GSPP created one of the first PsyD programs in the country. It was the start of our vision to Redefine Mental Health – and we have been pioneering innovative programs to match emerging mental health needs ever since. In 1999, we began launching four focused master's programs to meet a growing demand for specialized practitioners, and started affordable mental health clinics that serve the Denver community. Because mental health care is most effective when psychologists have a deep understanding of the people they help, GSPP began creating five innovative, externally-funded specialty education and training areas for our students to help serve growing communities that have the greatest need and the broadest public impact.

We were also an early champion of affordable community clinics, initially building the Professional Psychology Clinic to serve the Denver community and give students direct experience in providing mental health care. Starting in 2007, clinics and community resources were created for each Master's program, with associated clinics for GSPP Specialties beginning in 2014.

At GSPP, we are serving the mental wellness needs of the community – and building a specialized workforce capable of using psychology to improve the human condition. We aim to have greater impact, change more lives, make the world a better place, and be a national model for the interweaving of practice-based education and innovative psychology specialties that have practical and meaningful effects on our communities and our world. Even more, we want our students to hold a greater understanding and are prepared to meet a diversity of people where they are—and provide services that have a deep human impact. It's how we're Redefining Mental Health not only on our campus, but across our great city and state.

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