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Redefining Mental Health

Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Redefining Mental Health

We're building a future in which mental health is approached in a holistic practice of well-being, seeking care is no longer stigmatized, and access to robust resources is available to everyone.

Greetings from Dean Shelly Smith-Acuña

Dean Shelly Smith-Acuna

"We are so excited to share the Graduate School of Professional Psychology's (GSPP) vision and work of Redefining Mental Health with the Denver community and across our great state.

With all of us working together, we can give mental health a stronger voice, we can help reduce mental health stigmas and we can create a community and a culture where the subject of mental health is a welcomed conversation. This work is so critical and so needed for the well-being of our citizens and our shared communities – and it takes all of us to make it successful.

How do we do this?

Join us at one of our many events this year, sign up for our Redefining Mental Health Newsletter to get monthly updates, have a conversation with someone who needs a listening ear, and spread the word about GSPP's accessible and affordable mental health clinics and community resources. We also encourage you to share your own Redefining Mental Health story – which may help others to tell theirs. Join us on social media where you can read these stories and discover data to help normalize the conversation – and you can even post a photo of yourself using the Redefining Mental Health sign with the hashtag: ______#ismynormal.

We are all part of one community – and share a passion for making ours healthier and more resilient. Thank you for joining GSPP in creating a new mental health narrative!"

Shelly Smith-Acuña, PhD
Dean & Professor
Graduate School of Professional Psychology
University of Denver


What Does It Mean to Redefine Mental Health?

For more than four decades, GSPP has been a leader in innovative mental and behavioral health education, training and service. Drawing on our pioneering history, GSPP is elevating its work and its vision of redefining mental health in the Denver community and throughout Colorado by expanding our efforts to meet the social needs of the communities we serve. In 2018, we are convening knowledgeable leadership from across the country and our community to ignite conversations and action that change the ways in which we treat and talk about mental health – as we work to normalize the mental health conversation in our diverse communities and cultures. GSPP is leading a collaborative discussion to engage the Denver community to build a future where we approach mental health in a holistic, whole well-being way, where seeking care is no longer stigmatized, and access to robust resources is available to everyone. We call it Redefining Mental Health.

Why Redefine Mental Health?

Mental health issues are stigmatized, which is most harmful to vulnerable populations. Treatment is not always culturally and linguistically competent, and accessibility and efficacy in treatment is often overlooked by multifaceted approaches to care – such as integrating medication, therapy, vocational support, housing, and education as keys to successes. Mental health needs a stronger voice, especially the topic of redefining mental health care through the lens of a person's well-being. At GSPP, we are at the forefront of redefining mental health as we educate and train the next generation of psychologists – and stand as a leader in mental and behavioral health. We invite you to join us as we work to normalize the mental health conversation in our diverse communities and cultures, and reduce barriers to seeking care and resources – we hope you will join us!

To learn more about how GSPP is already working to redefine mental health, visit our website at: