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  • Rohini Gupta

    Rohini Gupta

    Co-Director, Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    Director, Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic
    Clinical Assistant Professor, International Disaster Psychology
    PsyD, University of Denver, 2013 | 303-871-3426
    Ammi Hyde Building: Office 204


    Dr. Rohini Gupta is a Clinical Psychologist. She is a core faculty member at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP), International Disaster Psychology Program (IDP). She is the Director of the Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC), which is a training clinic that provides mental health services to those who have experienced adversity and trauma. Dr. Gupta teaches courses in trauma interventions and co-leads a seminar that focuses on professional development and the supervision of clinical cases from a trauma informed and cross cultural lens. Areas of interest include the following: trauma; identity based violence due to radicalization and discrimination; work with ethnic and racial minority populations, including immigrant and refugees; multicultural education; clinical training and supervision. In addition to her work at the University, Dr. Gupta owns and operates a private practice in the Denver Metro Area.

  • Annie Miller

    Annie B. Miller

    Co-Director, Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    Research Assistant Professor, International Disaster Psychology
    PhD, University of Colorado, 2017 | 303-871-2974
    Annex Building: Office 119


    Dr. Annie Miller is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Denver in the International Disaster Psychology Department and serves as Co-Director of the Colorado Resilience Collaborative. Her research and community-based efforts focus on supporting communities to reduce hate, discrimination, bias, and identity-based violence by developing protective factors locally and globally. Her research focuses on the effectiveness of networks and collaborations seeking to combat human trafficking, non profit management, and capacity development at the community and network levels to end wicked problems. Dr. Miller formerly served as the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement at Miami University Hamilton. While leading the Center, she coauthored the Ohio Civic Health Index which identifies civic and community behaviors and policy changes that might effectively lead to enhanced civic participation. Annie also holds a M.S. in Higher Education Administration and an M.A. in Political Science. Annie loves to travel abroad, talk in nerdy ways about craft beer, ride bikes, and take her dog, Phyllis, to the mountains.

  • Seth Daire

    Seth Daire

    Research Assistant
    Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    MA, International Human Rights, DU, 2017


    Seth Daire is a Research Assistant at the Colorado Resilience Collaborative focusing on extremist ideologies and groups in Colorado. He recently completed a Master's in International Human Rights at the University of Denver with coursework in Human Trafficking, Statistics, Research Methods, and Countering Violent Extremism, which included a Peer 2 Peer Challenging Extremism project. As someone who used to embrace some far right ideologies, Seth is motivated to deconstruct toxic ideologies and to create dialogue in communities. He also really likes coffee.

  • Laura Feehs

    Laura Feehs

    Community Affairs Liaison 
    Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    MA, International Disaster Psychology, DU, 2017


    Laura Feehs is a Community Affairs Liaison at the Colorado Resilience Collaborative focusing on community engagement and capacity building. She recently finished her graduate studies at the University of Denver with an MA in International Disaster Psychology where she focused her research on reconciliation in post-conflict settings and radicalization of vulnerable populations as a consequence of conflict and societal trauma. After both witnessing and researching the intergenerational consequences of perpetuated stigma, demonizing rhetoric, and unaddressed trauma during her time in Eastern Europe, Laura returned to Colorado inspired to address similar drivers of hate and mechanisms of violence in her home state. Laura refuels with a french press in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, preferably somewhere off the grid in the Colorado wilderness.

  • Laura Feehs

    Emily Wagner

    Clinical Programs Coordinator
    Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    MA, International Disaster Psychology, DU, 2017


    Emily Wagner is the Clinical Programs Coordinator at the Colorado Resilience Collaborative. She works with the Psychosocial Collaborative to contribute a Biopsychosocial perspective to the issues at hand. Emily holds a Master's in International Disaster Psychology from the University of Denver and works from a cross-cultural, trauma-informed lens to inform both her clinical and non-clinical work. She also explores holistic approaches to health in both her personal and professional endeavors through the use of yoga, gardening, and nutrition.

  • Laura Feehs

    Lindsay Provan

    Program Evaluation Research Assistant
    Colorado Resilience Collaborative
    MA, International Disaster Psychology, DU, 2017


    Lindsay Provan is a Program Evaluation Research Assistant. She recently graduated with a Master's degree in International Disaster Psychology. Lindsay has a background in research and program evaluation. Her interest in program development as well as how and why people become involved in extremist groups is what led her to become involved with the CRC. In her future, she plans to work both domestically and internationally in program development and evaluation as well as in clinical settings.