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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Denver FIRST

Postdoctoral Fellowship 

The University of Denver, the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, the Masters of Forensic Psychology Program, and Denver FIRST are pleased to offer our postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology. The fellowship runs on the academic year, early September - late August, and provides opportunities for forensic practice, supervision, research, and teaching. In the 2016-17 year, the fellowship was awarded the five-year experience waiver from the American Board of Forensic Psychology. Primarily, the fellowship offers a blend of forensic evaluation practice and academic duties. The fellow(s) will be integrated into the forensic expertise at GSPP and Denver FIRST, and the fellow(s) will network with mental health professionals, administrators, judicial personnel, correctional personnel, and others around Colorado throughout the training year. The didactic portion of the fellowship is integrated with the forensic psychology fellowship at the Colorado Mental Health Institute - Pueblo and the University of Colorado's forensic psychiatry fellowship program. Graduates of the fellowship are best positioned to work in private forensic practice, forensic settings, or higher education. 

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Denver FIRST Postdoctoral Fellowship Brochure

For 2020-2021, Denver FIRST will have one fellowship position available. Interested applicants must use the University of Denver's employment application system, Silk Road, to apply to the fellowship. Please click here to apply. 

Information in the Denver FIRST fellowship brochure is subject to change without notice, so please review it regularly as well.


The application deadline for the Denver FIRST fellowship position is January 6, 2020. Denver FIRST is participating in the Uniform Acceptance Date (UAD) process for forensic fellowships. This year, the UAD for forensic fellowships is February 24, 2020. Although our fellowship may make an offer prior to the UAD, we will not require applicants to accept an offer prior to February 24, 2020.

Our 2019-20 Fellow

  • Kate McCallum

    Jennifer McMahon, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Denver FIRST
    PhD, John Jay College, 2019
    Office Phone: 303-871-4803
    Annex Building: Office 127

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    Dr. McMahon is the 2019-2020 Postdoctoral Fellow in Forensic Psychology at Denver FIRST, where she primarily completes forensic evaluations, supervises, and teaches. She graduated from John Jay College in New York, NY and completed her predoctoral internship at Western State Hospital in Tacoma, WA. Her career focus is on forensic evaluation, assessment and treatment of sex offenders, and teaching/supervision. Her recent research has focused on recognition of various forms of sexual violence and the influence of relationship status on perceptions of appropriateness.

Our Previous Fellows

Each of our fellows passed the EPPP during their fellowship years and had no problems obtaining their psychology licenses in Colorado or other states shortly after completing their fellowships.

  • grabowski

    Kate McCallum, PhD

    PhD, Sam Houston State University, 2018

    Our 2018-19 fellow, Dr. McCallum, is now employed as a forensic psychologist at a local Denver correctional facility. She also has a successful private practice conducting forensic evaluations, and she also works as an affiliate of Denver First.

  • grabowski

    Karen Grabowski, PhD

    PhD, Texas Tech University, 2017

    Our 2017-18 fellow, Dr. Grabowski, is employed as a forensic evaluator for the State of Colorado. She also has a private practice, teaches as adjunct faculty, and works as an affiliate of Denver FIRST.

  • Lauren Best

    Lauren Best, PsyD

    PsyD, Pacific University, 2016

    Our 2016-17 fellow, Dr. Best, operates a successful private practice and is also employed part-time as a forensic evaluator at a state hospital in Oregon.


Please contact us at 303.871.7910 or [email protected] for more information.