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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Counseling & Consultation Services

Under the supervision of licensed professionals, students from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology offer a broad range of confidential mental health care to the Denver community. The following specialized clinics and centers are currently offering low cost services:

  • Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC)

    The PPC has provided low cost, high quality psychological services to the Denver community for over 30 years. Therapy options are available to accommodate individual adults, children, adolescents, couples, families, and groups. In addition to psychotherapy services, the clinic also provides psychological assessments and forensic services.
  • Center for Oncology Psychology Excellence (COPE)

    COPE is a first-of-its-kind training program and partnership with community cancer centers. COPE will offer graduate-level coursework to doctoral students in the PsyD program beginning fall 2016. It will create field placement opportunities in cancer centers across Colorado, build community partnerships to increase access to psychological and social services for cancer patients, and serve as a hub for research and program evaluation on the psychological, social, and emotional impact of cancer.
  • Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX)

    CPEX provides sport & performance psychology educational resources, programs, and individual or group sessions designed to enhance performance and quality of life. CPEX advances inclusive excellence by offering programs for underserved populations with a focus on girls and women, ethnic minorities, and socioeconomically underprivileged groups or individuals.
  • Denver FIRST- Forensic Institute for Research, Service & Training 

    Denver FIRST serves as a regional hub for expertise in forensic mental health. Projects and partnerships include (but are not limited to) working with incarcerated adults, child welfare cases, juveniles on probation, recently-released adult offenders, persons needing risk assessment, offenders with neuropsychological deficits, and persons facing competency issues in a variety of court settings.
  • New Start Clinic

    The New Start Clinic offers individual and group therapy, community resources, coordination with other providers, and psychiatry (medication) services. Our objective is to provide support to community members who need it the most, whether this is based on the severity of symptoms or lack of access to quality care.
  • The Sturm Center

    The Sturm Center provides high-quality, confidential mental health services to Veterans, Service Members, and their families. In the fall of 2016 we will open an additional community-centered facility in the Denver Metro area, increasing accessibility to our services. 
  • Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC)

    The TDRC supports those affected by adversity, with services that honor and expand their strengths and resources. The TDRC provides psychological interventions to alleviate the effects of traumatic experiences including accidents, crime, abuse, natural disaster, and refugee status. Our objective is to foster resilience as well as personal, family, and community growth.