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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Sturm Center at DU

The Sturm Center

A Behavioral Health Center for Veterans, Service Members, and their Families

The Sturm Center provides high-quality, confidential behavioral and mental health services at a community-centered facility in Aurora, Colorado. We welcome all Veterans, Service Members, and their families and can provide a wide-range of behavioral health services. 

To help with the cost of these services we operate on a sliding-scale payment model and accept Medicaid, Medicare, and V.A. Choice.

The Sturm Center offers:

  • Adult Individual Therapy
  • Family/Couples Therapy
  • Child/Adolescent Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychological Assessments

These services can help with:

  • Readjustment
  • Trauma, Grief, or Loss
  • Depression, Anxiety, or Posttraumatic Stress
  • Family and Relationship Stress
  • Coping with Injury
  • Occupational/Educational Stressors

Our services are available to:

  • Veterans and Service Members
  • Their Family Members, Significant Others, and Children

Need more info?

For more information, or to request a confidential appointment, call 303-871-7942.



The Sturm Center is proudly supported by:
 The Sturm Family Foundation