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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Compassion for Helpers

The Compassion for Helpers program is an initiative through the Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic that provides mental health and support services to those caring for the wellbeing of others such as volunteers, caregivers, and professionals. Those who could benefit may include:

  • Employees working in non-profit settings (i.e Case Managers, Advocates)
  • Medical professionals (i.e. Physicians, Nurses)
  • Volunteers (i.e. Peace Corps, AmeriCorp, Community Navigators)
  • Public safety professionals (i.e. Paramedics, Firefighters)
  • Caregivers

We offer psychotherapy, support groups, and workshops to assist individuals in these various roles. Helping can be emotionally and physically taxing. When we can take the time to address our own needs and reflect on our experiences of supporting others, our ability to help others and find satisfaction in what we do is strengthened.

Come get the support you need. For more information, contact the Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic at 303-871-3087.