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COVID-19 Records


University of Denver COVID-19 Testing Requirements

The Health and Counseling Center (HCC) remains committed during this public health crisis to promote student success by providing comprehensive and integrated healthcare, counseling, advocacy, health promotion, and recovery support and services.

Return to Campus Status

To check your return to campus status, log onto Pioneer Web.

In the COVID-19 information box, click on Return to Campus Status and scroll down to see your current status.

COVID-19 Testing with DU

Students, faculty and staff can receive a FREE COVID test on campus.

Nasal PCR Testing

Appointment required

  • Location: Care Pod on North side of the Ritchie Center, off Buchtel Blvd

  • Testing hours: Monday-Friday, 8am – 12pm and 1pm - 4pm; Saturday, 9am - 1pm

Saliva Testing

No appointment necessary.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment for testing?

A: For Nasal PCR testing, We actually prefer that you do!

To schedule an Appointment for COVID Testing:
  1. Log into your MyHealth portal
  2. Please review and update your address for your medical record under the Profile tab.
  3. Ensure completion of compliance forms under the FORMS tab
  4. Click on Appointments (on the left side bar)
  5. then click the “Schedule an Appointment” button.
  6. Select “Required COVID-19 Testing” and click Continue.
  7. Choose a time to come by for your COVID-19 test.

After scheduling your appointment, you should receive a secure message through the MyHealth portal confirming your appointment time and providing you with a QR code. You will need to show this QR code to get tested.

Note: If you are scheduled and do not attend your testing time, you will not receive a $25 “no-show” fee for DU’s COVID-19 test. This does not apply for other Health & Counseling appointments.

Q: Is there Walk-up Testing?

A: We currently discourage walk/drive-up testing for the Nasal PCR.

You can walk up for the Saliva or Spit testing at any of the locations.

Q: Where do I go for DU COVID-19 Testing?

A: DU’s COVID-19 Nasal PCR testing stations are located on the north side of the Ritchie Center, near the entrance to the Health and Counseling Center (by Buchtel Blvd) referred to as the Care Pod.

If at all possible, please arrive for your appointment in a car, have your QR code (on your smart phone or as a printout) available, and arrive 10 minutes before your time to queue up your car. If you do not have a way to come by car, please follow all signage and maintain social distancing at all times as you approach for testing.

DU's COVID-19 Saliva testing is available at Tent near Care Pod, Dimond Family Residential Village, Nagel Hall, or Centennial Halls.

Q: How do I get my test results?

A: The University of Denver is currently working with National Jewish Health to process COVID-19 tests quickly and accurately. You can expect to receive your test results approximately 48-72 hours after testing. You will receive an email notification when your test results come in.

To review your lab results:

  1. Log into your MyHealth portal
  2. Click on MEDICAL RECORDS (on the left side bar)
  3. Click on View Report (on the right side) next to the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2

If you were tested through DU’s testing, you do not need to send this information to the HCC.

Submitting COVID-19 Test Results
Q: How do I submit results if I tested somewhere besides DU?

A: You are welcome to receive COVID-19 testing at any location. You may submit your test results through your MyHealth portal or by sending us a fax 303-871-4242 or email

All test results must include the following information:

  • Full name of patient 
  • Type of COVID-19 Test
  • Collection Date
  • Result Value
Submit existing test records:
  1. Log into your MyHealth portal
  2. Click on Messages (on the left side bar)
  3. then click the “New Message” button.
  4. Select “I want to submit my COVID-19 RT-PCR Test Results to the HCC”
  5. Then upload your record and Send.
Q: What records will DU HCC Accept?

A: Although there is a variety of different COVID-19 testing, the University of Denver is only accepting a limited number of tests at this time.

All test results must include the following information:

  • Full name of patient
  • Type of COVID-19 Test
  • Collection Date
  • Result Value

After reviewing a plethora of record types, here is a list of tests we WILL accept:

  • RT-PCR
  • COVID-19 PCR (as long as it specifies mid-turbinate or nasopharyngeal swab)
  • DdPCR
  • PCR (as long as it specifies mid-turbinate or nasopharyngeal swab)
  • Molecular Test (RNA)
  • Colorado Molecular Science Lab Tests nCoV RNA
  • Abbott PCR Test
  • Color COVID-19 test Amplification test
Q: What results are not being accepted?

A: After reviewing a plethora of record types, DU HCC has established a list of test results and documents we WILL NOT accept. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Rapid test (such as Walgreens COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test)
  • Antigen test
  • Serology or Antibody test
  • Results which includes pooling
  • Antigen Rapid Testing (eg. Sofia SARS Antigen)
  • Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)
  • FDA EUA Pooling Method
  • Lateral Flow tests (FIA-Lateral flow)
  • Abbott ID Now Tests
  • Rapid PCR Tests
  • Anterior nasal swab test (self-administered or observed)
  • Saliva tests of any kind

If you send in results from an unacceptable test type, you will not be cleared by the health and counseling center and you will be advised to get tested at the DU testing location.

Isolation/Quarantine Information

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