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Private Resources

These conversations are kept as private as possible, but information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators and The Title IX coordinator so that the University of Denver can take action if necessary for reasons of safety. In planning any response, the wishes of the person are given full consideration.

DU Campus Safety
303-871-3000 (Emergency)
303-871-2334 (Non-Emergency)
Reports of gender-based violence can be made 24/7. If a report is made, Campus Safety will submit the report to the Title IX Office for review. Campus Safety enforces no-contact orders, can provide safe escort services on campus, offers Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) classes on a monthly basis, and offers "Mace in your Face" classes, when requested.

DU Title IX Office (Office of Equal Opportunity)
Title IX Coordinator: Jean McAllister
Investigator: Eric Butler
Investigator: Siri Slater
4th Floor, Mary Reed
If a DU community member has been perpetrated against by another DU community member in the form of stalking, relationship violence, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, the concern can be reported to the Title IX Office. The Title IX investigators are neutral and objective fact finders who will conduct an investigation regarding any concerns expressed. For incidents involving students, the findings of the investigation are submitted to Student Conduct to determine if any disciplinary actions will be taken against the responding party. For incidents involving employees, the findings of the investigation are submitted to HR and the employee's supervisor to determine if any disciplinary actions will be taken against the responding party.

DU Student Conduct
Director: Kristin Olson
Driscoll North, Student Life Suite
If during the Title IX investigation a person wishes to seek a no-contact order against the responding party, Student Conduct will issue the orders to both parties. 

Office of Academic Advising
Executive Director: Dr. Niki Latino
Driscoll Student Center, Suite 30
Experiencing the distress of gender-based violence can impact a student's ability to maintain the academic workload she/he was able to handle prior to the violence. CAPE can assist a student with interacting with the Office of Academic Advising which is responsible for assisting students who need to take a voluntary or medical leave of absence from the university, who need to withdraw from classes, or who need to seek exceptions to academic policy via the Committee for Academic Exceptions.

Disability Services Program
Director: Michele McCandless
Ruffato Hall, Fourth Floor
DSP is the only office on campus that can make an official evaluation regarding accommodations in the classroom. CAPE can provide the documentation needed for DSP in order to verify the need for accommodations. If the request comes through CAPE, the only information needed to be disclosed is that a trauma was experienced. CAPE can work with the survivor to identify what accommodations would be most beneficial to request.

Student Outreach and Support – Pioneers CARE
Director of Student Outreach and Support: Michael Johnson (undergraduate)
Driscoll Student Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Phone: 303-871-4724

Director of Graduate Student Services: Molly Hooker (graduate)
Mary Reed Building, Room 5
Phone: 303-871-2302

DU's Pioneers CARE outreach program – formerly Students of Concern – helps find solutions for students with academic, social, and other problems. Anyone can make a referral to the CARE program if direct outreach is needed for a person. When a CARE report is submitted, it will be directed to either the Director of Graduate Studies or to the Director of Student Outreach and Support Services depending on the student's status.

DU Center for Multicultural Excellence
1981 South University Blvd.
Supports the DU community members with identity issues, diversity issues, and inclusive excellence issues at DU.

University of Denver Ombuds Office
Jenna Brown, Ombuds
Ombuds Office
Academic Offices Annex
2400 S. Gaylord St.
Tel: 303-871-4712

The Ombuds Office provides informal assistance to faculty, staff, students, and others having a problem with or within the University of Denver.