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Health & Counseling Center

Workshops Offered

QPR: Suicide Prevention Training

Learn the 3 steps that can save a life. This 1.5 hour training will teach you to recognize the warning signs of someone who may be contemplating suicide. Know how to offer hope and learn about the resources available in the DU community that can provide help and save a life. For more information, check out the National Center on QPR.

Facilitator: Jacaranda Palmateer, Psy.D, Director of Counseling Services

Navigating Life in the United States as an International Student

Life in the United States as an international student can be challenging, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by trying to understand social norms and getting accustomed to life outside of your country. This interactive workshop is geared towards helping international students at DU navigate social life in the United States, by normalizing and sharing experiences, and helping students understand day-to-day life interactions with other people, on and off campus.

Facilitator: Akanksha Dutt, Psy.D, postdoctoral fellow

Managing Difficult Students

Description: Do you know what to do if a student displays concerning behavior? Are you interested in discussing different strategies for classroom management? This workshop will explore some general classroom management strategies and advice for dealing with students of concern in the classroom through an overview of DU policies and participation in role-play activities.

Alan Kent, Ph.D. Executive Director of Health & Counseling Center
Jacaranda Palmateer, Psy.D, Director, Counseling Services

Be a "B.O.S.S.": How to Harness Your Power to Prevent Violence

This workshop focuses on the issue of leadership on DU's campus and teaches practical bystander intervention skills for students to use in order to prevent violence from happening in our community. To "Be a B.O.S.S." individuals must: 1) Be aware, 2) Observe the situation, 3) Size up their options, and 4) Speak up and act. This interactive training provides participants with the tools to know when and how to "Be a B.O.S.S." and helps participants gain the confidence to take action when it is needed, particularly around the issue of preventing sexual violence.

Facilitator: Gillian Kaag, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist, Director of CAPE

Introduction to motivational interviewing

Facilitators: Ross Artwohl, LCSW & Jacaranda Palmateer, Psy.D

Your College Life

For many students, college is a large adjustment. Not only are students adjusting to a new and challenging academic environment but they are also adjusting to a new and challenging social environment as well. The purpose of this workshop ill be to provide students a forum to talk about various challenges they face in the college social environment and to provide useful skills and tips to make college a socially fulfilling experience Topics will include: - Getting along with roommates, going to parties, the problem with alcohol, romantic relationships, developing your own identity, developing different types of relationships (i.e. close friends, school friends), the myth of normal.

Stress Management

This workshop/ outreach will provide an introduction to stress management and provide skills for managing collegiate stress. As a result of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of the contributions to stress, its effect on your mind and body, and how to reduce and manage your overall stress level. This workshop can be adapted to varying group sizes from small to large, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your particular group.

Emotional Resilience through mindfulness

This interactive workshop/ outreach will provide an introduction to mindfulness and teach you basic skills of mindful practice. Additionally, as a result of participating in this workshop you will have a greater understanding of how practicing mindfulness can be useful in inoculating against stress, enhance emotion regulation and increase meaningful and genuine connection to self and others. Because the workshop is interactive and experiential it is ideally suited to small to medium size groups, but this can be adapted to your particular group as needed.

The Cost of Beauty: Body Image and the Media

This workshop aims to increase awareness of the impact of the media on women's body image and self-esteem. Participants in this workshop will learn more about disordered eating and body image concerns in addition to ways to improve body image and minimize the impact of the media.