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Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Health & Counseling Center

Campus Training & Certificate Programs

We offer 3 tiers of training for students, faculty and staff around mental health issues. We also offer custom designed programs to meet the needs of our campus community.

  • Campus Connect Suicide Prevention Training Program (3 hour training)
  • Mental Health First Aid Training (12 Hour Training)
  • Custom Designed Wellness or Counseling Programs (Varies by request)

To set up a training or program, contact our office at 303-871-2205.


This 3 hour training will teach you to recognize the warning signs of someone who may be contemplating suicide, know how to offer hope, and know the resources in the DU community to get help and save a life.

Mental Health First Aid Training

The Mental Health First Aid program is a national interactive 12 hour training that will teach participants about a variety of mental health issues. Completion of the program will give you a certificate of mental health first aid. This can be thought of as the equivalent to CPR for mental health issues.

Specifically, participants learn:

  • The potential risk factors and warning signs for a range of mental health problems, including:
    • depression
    • anxiety/trauma
    • Psychosis
    • eating disorders
    • substance use disorders
    • self-injury
  • An understanding of the prevalence of various mental health disorders in the U.S. and the need for reduced stigma in their communities.
  • A 5-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources and knowledge to assess the situation, to select and implement appropriate interventions, and to help the individual in crisis connect with appropriate professional care.
  • The evidence-based professional, peer, social, and self-help resources available to help someone with a mental health problem.

(Adapted from Mental Health First Aid USA)

Custom Designed Wellness or Counseling Programs

Counseling services will provide custom programs by request. Examples can include topics on:

  • stress management
  • anxiety
  • dealing with distressed students
  • adjustment from studying abroad
  • coping with depression

To request a program, contact our office at 303-871-2205.