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Campus Connect

Designed specifically for a college/university community, Campus Connect is an experiential training focused on enhancing gatekeepers’ knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. Beyond increasing gatekeepers’ knowledge about students in a suicidal crisis, emphasis is placed on developing emphatic listening skills, communication skills, and the ability to compassionately and directly ask students about their suicidal thoughts. Moreover, through increased awareness of their own emotional reactions, Campus Connect gatekeepers are able to more effectively respond to students’ emotional needs and increase the likelihood of a meaningful connection with appropriate profession resources. In addition to an enhanced ability in responding to students in a suicidal crisis, the skills learned in Campus Connect trainings will enable gatekeepers to respond caringly and effectively to students experiencing a wide range of emotional crises.

A Campus Connect gatekeeper training session includes:

  • Review of college student suicide statistics and facts
  • Discussion of suicide myths and warning signs
  • Instructions on how to ask students if they are thinking about suicide and how to refer students to mental health professionals
  • Review of effective communication and relationship-building skills
  • Discussion of typical emotional reactions experienced by students in crisis and responding gatekeepers
  • Participation in four experiential exercises
  • Participation in a guided group role play

Join the growing network of 450+ DU gatekeepers by participating in a Campus Connect training! Trainings are open to all students, staff, and faculty.

Check back soon for upcoming Campus Connect trainings!

Interested in scheduling a training specifically for your office or department? Please complete our request form.

DU's Campus Connect Trainers

Alexander Limas
Alexandria Leach
Alison Nishi
Anand Desai
Annie Leibovitz
Anthony Fulginiti
April Carlson
Ashley Sherman
Breigh Jones
Carolee Nimmer
Christof Demont-Heinrich
Cindi Nagai
Helen Littrell
Jacaranda Palmateer
Jacki Blanco
Jessica Bartley
John Mallory
Katie Arora
Kim Liao
Laura Scholder
Lauren Levine
Lauren Utley
Leisha Chiles
Maria Riva
Melissa Cole
Molly Hooker
Morgan Sellers
Sarah Lukens
Terri Davis
Thomas Walker
Tiffany Nowell
Tonnett Luedtke
Tracey Adams-Peters
Wendy Morrison
Wesley Fussner