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Health & Counseling Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is counseling a right step for me?

Counseling is a good option for anyone having a difficult time and needing some additional emotional support. Our counselors are trained generalists equipped to handle all issues that students may be experiencing. The topics include difficulty with roommates, difficulty adjusting to life at the University, culturally related concerns, family of origin issues, stress, grief and loss, as well as severe mental distress, thoughts of suicide, cutting, or issues related to detachment from reality.

If you are at all concerned about whether counseling is a right step for you, you can always come talk informally with a counselor at our Lets Talk series or ask to speak briefly with a provider to determine if counseling is a good fit for you.

Why can't I get in today?

Due to the high level of interest in counseling services, we typically cannot offer same day appointments. We try to insure that people can get in for a first appointment within 10 days time. If you can not wait that long because of significant emotional distress and need to speak to someone right away, you can always be seen on the same day through our crisis system. Check out our crisis services to learn more and see if this would be an appropriate option for you.

When can I see the psychiatrist?

In order to see our psychiatrist, you would first need to have an appointment with one of our counselors to make sure that our psychiatrist would be the best person to meet your medication needs. In your initial meeting with them, let them know that this is what you are seeking. Your counselor will help you schedule that appointment or help you find the best option to get your psychiatric needs met.

Is our staff licensed?

All of our senior staff counselors are licensed professionals. We do offer a training program so some of the counselors you may meet will be in training and under the supervision of our senior staff. Counselors will inform you of their status when they meet you and make you aware of their level of training and background.

Why do I have to get testing for ADD/ADHD?

In order to receive ADD or ADHD medication from the Health and Counseling Center, you must have current and valid testing done within the last 3 years. We will verify the information through our testing coordinator in order to make sure that the diagnosis is valid. We do this in order to ensure the safety of our students.

How do I help a friend who is having psychological difficulty?

We are glad that you are concerned and care about your friend. Learn more about how to help.

Is everything I say confidential?

The Health and Counseling Center is a committed to ensuring your privacy and not releasing any information without your written approval. The only exceptions to this are to insure your safety, the safety of others, or as mandated by law. Thus, if you pose a significant risk to yourself or others, discuss current child abuse or current elder abuse, we will need to take the necessary steps to insure your safety and the safety of others which may mean breaking your confidentiality. Find out more about confidentiality.