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Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Health & Counseling Center

Health Promotion

Gender Violence Prevention and Education

Gender Violence Prevention and Education (GVPE) is a specific initiative under the Health and Counseling Center umbrella. GVPE is staffed by a professional staff Coordinator, a graduate fellow, and undergraduate peer educators. GVPE provides the community with active bystander training (Intervene: DU), community education, and prevention outreach on topics including sexual assault, dating and relationship abuse, sexual harassment and stalking.

Formerly a part of CAPE, GVPE is now a part of the Health Promotion team. If you would like more information about GVPE efforts at DU, please contact Andrea Thyrring at [email protected] or 303.871.7442. Request an active bystander training or another program here.

Proposed Changes to Title IX

On November 16, 2018, the Department of Education released new guidance for Title IX policies. These proposed changes were filed with the federal register on November 28, 2018, which initiated a 60-day period referred to as Notice and Comment.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX will be hosting four educational presentations on how the proposed regulations are consistent with and different from current DU policies, procedures, and practices. More information can be found here.

The Department of Education issues regulations schools must comply with. Much like laws, these regulations are legally binding. The Department of Education solicits public input on proposed regulations through a "notice and comment" period and it is required to respond to this input when it issues final regulations. A court can strike down a regulation if the Department cannot properly explain its reasoning, or if the regulation itself is inconsistent with Title IX.

Resources on Proposed Changes and Notice and Comment Period:

Contacting Your State Representatives:

Colorado Senators:

House Representatives:

  • Go to to look up your Representative by ZIP code.

DU has a number of support resources available for community members:

1. Health and Counseling Center: 303-871-2205

  • Provides confidential individual and group counseling, including Same Day Access Appointments M-F 2-4 p.m. and Counselor on Call
  • Front Desk and Counselor on Call: 303-871-2205

2. CAPE (Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment):

  • Provides confidential advocacy and support for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and harassment
  • Daytime Advocacy: 303-871-3853 After-hours Crisis: 303-871-2205

3. Student Outreach and Support (SOS):

  • SOS helps students succeed by connecting them to resources, developing a plan of action to meet their goals, and navigating challenging situations.
  • Phone: 303-871-4724 Email: [email protected]

4. DU Ombuds Office:

  • The Ombuds is a confidential and informal resource to help navigate the University. The Ombuds Office provides assistance to faculty, staff, students and others having a problem with or within the University of Denver.
  • Phone: 303-871-4712 Email: [email protected]