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Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Health & Counseling Center

Gender Violence Prevention and Education

Red Zone

The Red Zone is typically identified as the first 6 weeks of the Fall Quarter, when new students are at a heightened risk for being targeted by perpetrators of sexual assault. The Red Zone is of highest risk because new students have more risk factors and less protective factors, and perpetrators seek out individuals who appear to be more vulnerable.

Staying together if you go out, having a designated sober friend, and addressing things like rape jokes or sexist comments can all prevent further violence from happening.

At DU, we intervene when we see something that looks harmful or risky. We create the community we want to be a part of, one decision at a time. Get trained to learn the skills you can use to intervene.

Want to learn more about how to intervene in harmful or risky situations? See how you can be an active bystander!