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Student Life

Health & Counseling Center

Gender Violence Prevention and Education

Prevention and Education Requirements

BOSS Training Requirements
  • Beginning in Fall 2018, all new and incoming undergraduate students must complete BOSS 101 by Week 6 of Winter quarter.
  • If a student does not complete the BOSS 101 training before Week 6 of Winter Quarter, a hold will be placed on their account, which will prevent them from registering for Spring courses.
  • BOSS 101 trainings will be offered multiple times per week at different times to accommodate student schedules, with some weekend sessions being offered as well.
  • Visit the upcoming programs (link) page for BOSS 101 training dates, times, and locations!
Pre-Orientation Online Module
  • Students are required to complete an online module from the Health and Counseling Center as part of their pre-campus Orientation process.
  • Topics include alcohol and other substances, mental health, consent, and Title IX.
  • Look for more information as you begin the enrollment process!
Theater Delta at Orientation
  • As part of new and incoming undergraduate student orientation, the University of Denver partners with Theater Delta to provide an interactive theater learning experience. Covering topics around alcohol and consent, the session allows students to interact with a trained facilitator and professional actors to discuss social norms and the importance of respecting boundaries, consent, and bystander intervention.