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Health Promotion

Peer Education at DU HCC

The Thrive Peer Educators are a team of undergraduate students who work as a part of the Department of Health Promotion at the University of Denver's Health and Counseling Center. The team employs about 20 paid Peer Educators annually. Learn more about the program, and how to get involved, below!

Thrive Peer Educators are a passionate group of student leaders who promote the health and well-being of the DU campus community through education and engagement. As part of the HCC Health Promotion team, Thrive Peer Educators develop programs and implement outreach efforts surrounding sexual health, mental health, alcohol & other drug education, and gender-based violence prevention. They also facilitate DU's required active bystander intervention training for all new undergraduate students (Intervene: DU), serve as HCC ambassadors, and act as liaisons between the DU community and health professionals. This paid position is a 1 year commitment, with offers typically extended for students who are not graduating (i.e., you can return to this position as a junior, senior, etc.). Peer Educators are required to work in their positions 30-40 hours per quarter.

Information about applying can be found under the "Interested in Becoming a Peer Educator?" tab below.

Meet the Thrive Peer Educators!
    • Anit Tyagi photo

      Anit Tyagi

      Pronouns :  He/Him/His

      Majors: Chemistry, Political Science; Minors- Biology, Math

      Personal Interests: Playing pickleball, reading current events, watching TV

    • Dyna Arriaga photo

      Dyna Arriaga

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Gender and Women's Studies, Psychology

      Personal Interests: Scary movies and boba

    • Gracie Jacobson photo

      Gracie Jacobson

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Theatre & Finance

      Personal Interests: Guitar, backpacking, mountain biking

    • Jackson Burow photo

      Jackson Burow

      Pronouns : He/Him/His

      Major: BA/MA candidate in International Studies

      Personal Interests: Politics, sports, social justice, skiing, hiking, music

    • Jill Girardeau photo

      Jill Girardeau

      Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

      Major: Undeclared

      Personal Interests:  Running, hiking, being outside, making art

    • John Haddock photo

      John Haddock

      Pronouns : He/Him/His

      Majors: Political Science, Public Policy; Minors: Leadership Studies, Statistics

      Personal Interests: Politics, dogs, meditation

    • Kameron Gottlieb photo

      Kameron Gottlieb

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Major: Molecular Biology, Minors- Chemistry and Sustainability

      Personal Interests: Playing guitar, dancing, knitting, skiing, and doing pretty much anything outdoors

    • Kate Maegley photo

      Kate Maegley

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Major: Psychology

      Personal Interests: Yoga, cooking, reading, menstrual equity

    • Kendrick Choong photo

      Kendrick Choong

      Pronouns:   He/Him/His

      Major: Business Analytics

      Personal Interests:   Weight-lifting, video games, college education

    • Lanie Cohen photo

      Lanie Cohen

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Gender & Women's Studies, Strategic Communications/ Intercultural Global Studies

      Personal Interests: Travel, skiing, childcare, reading, fashion, politics

    • Maya Bhowmik photo

      Maya Bhowmik

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Major: International Studies; Minors- Biology, Leadership Studies, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies

      Personal Interests: Reading, art, walks, live music, learning, deconstructing systems of oppression, cooking new things/family recipes, quality time with loved ones

      Megan Morrell photo

    • Megan Morrell

      Pronouns : She/Her/Hers

      Major: Political Science

      Personal Interests: Reading, debate, environmentalism

    • Morgan Martin photo

      Morgan Martin

      Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

      Major: Molecular Biology; Minors- Spanish, Chemistry, Leadership Studies

      Personal Interests: Singing, playing the guitar, writing, reading, politics, listening to podcasts

    • Naitra Ramchander photo

      Naitra Ramchander

      Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Molecular Biology & Psychology; Minors: Chemistry, Leadership, and Gender & Women's Studies

      Personal Interests: Hiking/backpacking, traveling, reading

    • Paige Otto photo

      Paige Otto

      Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Public Policy & Socio-Legal Studies

      Personal Interests: Cross stitching, yoga, dogs, & a cappella

    • Sara Loughran photo

      Sara Loughran

      Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

      Major: International Studies; Minors: English & Spanish

      Personal Interests: Writing, improv, video games, listening to music (k-pop especially), spending time with animals

    • Sarah Liang photo

      Sarah Liang

      Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Psychology, Chinese; Minor- Marketing

      Personal Interests: Baking/cooking, shopping, reading, playing piano, listening to music

    • Susanna Skaran photo

      Susanna Skaran

      Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

      Majors: Psychology, Communication

      Personal Interests: Crafting, journaling, watching TV, sometimes reading

    • Victoria Rubio photo

      Victoria Rubio

      Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

      Major: Bio Chemistry; Minors: Psychology, Math, & Medical Physics

      Personal Interests: Skiing & painting

    • Wesley Mysinger photo

      Wesley Mysinger

      Pronouns : He/Him/His

      Majors: Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience concentration), French

      Personal Interests: Making/drinking coffee, working out, cooking, reading research literature

Interested in Becoming a Peer Educator?

Thrive Peer Health EducatorsThe Thrive Peer Education team interviews and hires new members in the Winter Quarter each year. Applications for 2021-2022 are now closed. Please check back in Winter 2022 for applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. To receive information about applications for 2022-2023 or for general questions, please contact Katie Johnson, Graduate Assistant Peer Education Supervisor, at