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Health Promotion

Request a Workshop or HCC Participation in Your Event

The Health and Counseling Center (HCC) offers a variety of interactive workshops for classrooms, residence halls, and student groups. These workshops aim to provide students with the information and skills that they need to make healthy and success-oriented decisions. Workshops can be customized to fit audience interests or needs, and additional topics can be addressed upon request.

The HCC can also participate in your upcoming event to help educate students on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Request a Workshop or HCC Participation in Your Event
(please provide at least 2 weeks advance notice)

Our Workshops

Gender Violence

Intervene: DU (75 minutes)
Learn how to take action in harmful or risky situations. Intervene: DU includes a video and discussion about topics relevant to DU students, and how they can be active bystanders in situations including high risk alcohol and other drug use, mental and emotional health, hazing, racial bias, and gender violence. This workshop is recommended as an introduction to active bystander intervention.

Deconstructing Gender Violence (90 minutes)
During their time in college, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 16 men will report experiencing gender violence. We know that these numbers are higher for folks who are part of the LGBTQ community, identify as gender nonconforming, or are part of historically oppressed communities. In this workshop we will define 'what is gender violence?', discuss the impact perpetration has on a community, and review strategies for being an active bystander. Attendees will be able to practice their skills and reflect on their own values.

Support a Survivor (90 minutes)
When someone you know and care about is hurt, it can be challenging to know how to respond in the moment. This training will give you information on how to best support a survivors' healing and connect them with resources.

Sexual health

Sex Trivia (50 minutes)
In this interactive workshop, students compete in teams to answer a variety of questions about sexual health here at DU. Test your knowledge of anatomy, STIs, contraception, campus resources, and more in this fun workshop.


Success, Not Stress (50 minutes)
Has stress got you down? This workshop will help students understand what we know about stress, how it manifests in our bodies, and how we can work to improve how we respond and manage stress productively and positively.

Campus Connect (180 minutes)
Designed specifically for a college/university community, Campus Connect is an experiential training focused on enhancing gatekeepers' knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. Beyond increasing gatekeepers' knowledge about students in a suicidal crisis, emphasis is placed on developing emphatic listening skills, communication skills, and the ability to compassionately and directly ask students about their suicidal thoughts.

Sun Safety

Having Fun in the Sun (and Protecting Your Skin) (50 minutes)
Enjoy being outdoors and soaking up the sun's rays? Knowing how to protect your skin is important to keep you healthy and maximize your fun! This workshop will help you learn about UV radiation, the pros and cons of being in the sun, the negative effects of indoor tanning, and strategies for protecting your skin.

Our Outreach Topics


Knowing how much alcohol is in one standard drink is helpful to moderate your drinking. See how good you are at pouring out one beer, glass of wine, or mixed drink. Learn about blood alcohol concentration and moderation techniques with this fun activity!

gender violence

Consent Jenga- Who doesn't like giant Jenga? At this activity, come play a not-so-typical game of giant Jenga. When you pull out a block, it will have a question or a fact about consent written on it. Answer the question or respond to the prompt in order to place your block and continue the game.

Consent Wheel– Step right up and spin the wheel! Participants will spin the question wheel and answer the question it lands on. These questions can be about consent, or tailored to suit the topic of the event.

Healthy Relationship Qualities– What does a healthy relationship look like to you? And not just a romantic one – a work, family, or friend relationship is important to think about too! Participants will write down a quality on a post it, and stick it to the board in the appropriate place.

High Risk-Low Risk: Cornhole Spectrum- At this yard game, students can form teams to play the yard game "bags" or cornhole. Each team will take turns having a member toss the bean bag, trying to get a hole-in-one. Based on where the bag lands, the student/team will have to select a high/low risk behavior to write on a card that corresponds to the bag's location on the spectrum. The student team will need to explain why the behavior or situation is high/low risk, and how they could ensure they have consent.

Kissing Booth– How do you talk to your partner about what you want? You don't just go in for the kiss, you need to talk about boundaries, preferences, and consent. At this activity, participants will share one or more ways they can phrase their question or wants with their partner ("How do you feel about foreplay?" "What is our safe word?" "I'm going to get STI tested today. Do you want to come with?") in exchange for a Hershey "kiss."

Mental Health

Need tips to help de-stress? Mental health outreach can provide resources and support around promoting positive mental health, tips to manage stress, and knowledge of warning signs of someone in crisis.

Mental health screenings can also be delivered with advanced notice. This is a fun way to talk about building skills to thrive.

Sexual Health

Think you know the correct way to put on a condom? Test your sexual health knowledge and grab some safer sex supplies from our sexual health outreach. This is a fun way to provide safer sex supplies across campus and learn how you can be sexually healthy!

Sun Safety

Did you know that the sun's rays can cause damage to your skin that you can't always see? Outreach with a special device, the Reveal Imager, can show you the skin damage under your skin's surface and teach you about sun safety and using sunscreen effectively. This is an engaging way to talk about how you can have fun in the sun!