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Pleasure Pack Delivery Service

NOTE: We will be pausing the Pleasure Pack service during Spring Break (March 22-30, 2021).

We are so excited that you are interested in requesting a Pleasure Pack. Our goal for the Pleasure Pack service is to provide an inclusive way to support DU students in their healthy sexual practices, self-care, and pleasure. We recognize that each person experiences pleasure differently, so we have created five different Pleasure Pack options that contain safer sex supplies, self-care items, and a Mindfulness pack that does not include safer sex supplies.

We understand that some folx may want privacy when ordering Pleasure Packs. In an effort to retain the privacy of orders, we will be using a unique code to associate orders for pickup (directions for creating this code will be found on the orders form). We also will not label the pack-type on your order.

Ready to order your Pleasure Pack? Order here:

If you have any questions about ordering Pleasure Packs or would like to order supplies for a program or event, please contact

Pleasure Pack Options

  • Pack 1: External Condom Pack: 10 external condoms, 2 internal condom, 12 lube packets
  • Pack 2: Dental Dam Pack: 10 dental dams, 10 lube packets
  • Pack 3: External Condom + Dental Dam Pack: 8 external condoms, 8 dental dams, 2 internal condoms, 18 lube packets
  • Pack 4: Solo Pack: 10 lube packets, Personal vibrator (while supplies last)
  • Pack 5: Mindfulness Pack: sheet face mask, eye mask, ear plugs, Spotify playlist, mini coloring book

how to pick Up Your order

Due to COVID and limited staffing, we can ensure that your order will be ready for pick up 5 business days following your order. See the timetable below to determine when you can come pick up your order.

  • Saturday/Sunday/Monday by 5PM --> order ready on Friday
  • Tuesday by 5PM --> order ready on the following Monday
  • Wednesday by 5PM --> order ready on the following Tuesday
  • Thursday by 5PM --> order ready the following Wednesday
  • Friday by 5PM --> order ready the following Thursday

Order pickups can be made in the new location for Health Promotion - the 1200 suite on the first floor of the Community Commons, across from the smoothie bowl shop. Look for the orange accent walls - that's us! Pickups are available from 12-1PM each day.

sleep mask, safer sex supplies, and me time watch