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Honors Program

The Honors Program at DU

The University of Denver offers a challenging Honors Program for talented students who seek an advanced liberal education, lively dialogue with their peers and faculty on important issues, study abroad in first-rate universities, and inspiring in-depth work in their majors. The aim of the program is to challenge students to cultivate strong habits of critical thinking, creativity, and scholarship and to offer close support for advanced work. Students in the Honors Program have the best of both worlds: the small classes and close community of a liberal arts college and the opportunities and resources of a research university.

Our community is composed of around 350 talented and motivated students who reflect all majors and diverse interests. They are involved in all aspects of university life, often participating in the Pioneer Leadership Program, and other LLCs and organizations on campus. Many join us as already accomplished Boettcher Scholars. Most students also choose to live on the Honors floor. Upon successfully completing the program, our students graduate with University Honors. Along the way, they benefit from a stimulating academic and social community that allows them to make the most of their undergraduate experience.


Congratulations Honors class of 2021!

Despite the challenges of this pandemic year, you all managed to do great work and get ready for the next stop in your brilliant careers!  Congratulations! Thanks to those of you who helped us manage through it all:  Thanks to our TAs Shannon Bocquet, Abbie Dahlman, Hanna Gaertner, Kate Maegley, Rin MacRitchie, Stephanie Pierson, Amelia Tadanier, and Katie Seavy Walker.  Thanks to book group leaders Rin MacRitchie and Kiana Marsan, Voltaire leaders Daniell Barba and Courtney Donnelly, and our social media guru Katie Seavy Walker.  Thanks to your efforts, despite the distince, the Honors Program stayed connected!

The Voltaire Society 
Virtual Voltaire is going strong!  Contact the Voltaire Society with questions or comments. 

The Book Group
Contact Kiana Marsan or Esther Malers for more information.

Extreme Academics
For information on our workshops, visit the Extreme Academics webpage and the Extreme Academics group on Facebook.  

Upcoming Events 

ALL PROGRAMMING IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD until social distancing requirements are eased.  The Voltaire Society and the Book Group have been holding zoom and other appropriate events.  We hope to begin programming spring quarter, and will certainly celebrate all of our honors graduates before Commencement.