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The Honors Floor

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The Honors floor is a residential opportunity specifically designed for first-year students in the University Honors Program. The Honors floor provides a unique living environment for students of diverse majors and interests who have made academic work a priority. For many Honors students, living together and sharing special programming enhances their first year at college, and helps create lasting friendships. The lounge provides a meeting place for gatherings from study groups to movie nights. Nelson Hall's Honors floor is home to many of our second-year Honors students, who also share a lounge and special programming.

The Honors floor is a special option for those who have been admitted to the University Honors program.  Honors students who join LLC's are required to live with their LLC, and some students prefer to live with their athletic cohort or in some other non-Honors arrangement.  Once they accept admission to DU, students admitted to the Honors Program will be asked to notify the Honors Program of their desire to live on the Honors floor and will be accepted according to the order their request was received. Students may also indicate their desire for an Honors roommate. Other housing requests can be made upon deposit through the myWeb housing application.