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Dean's List and Hornbeck Scholars

The Undergraduate Dean’s List and Hornbeck Scholars are publicized every quarter in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

The Dean’s List honors those undergraduate students who have achieved a quarterly grade point average of 3.75 or above while taking at least 12 credit hours.

The Hornbeck Scholars List recognizes those undergraduate students who, in a given quarter, have earned a 4.0 grade point average while taking a minimum of 12 credit hours. The Hornbeck Scholar honor is named in memory of Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck, a distinguished DU graduate elected to a Rhodes Scholarship in 1904, the first year of Rhodes Scholarship eligibility for American students.

As of fall 2019, the joint Dean's/Hornbeck Honor is incorporated in the Hornbeck Scholars list.

Please note:  while the Dean's list is housed on this website, it is the Registrar's Office that compiles the data and determines who qualifies each quarter.  The list is published as a way to recognize student achievement, but is not an official document. The student transcript is the official document that indicates the quarters a student has made the Dean's list (as an official document, it does not show the Hornbeck honor, which is institutional only).

Spring Quarter 2021


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