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Extreme Academics

Extreme Academics has been helping DU students get the most out of DU's academic opportunities since Fall 2009.  Its purpose is to help DU undergraduates develop skills and discover opportunities to make them competitive for prestigious graduate programs and domestic and international post-graduate fellowships. 

We launched the program this year with the Opportunities Fair, which featured representatives from across campus, including Career Services, Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Internationalization, the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, the Honors Program, Undergraduate Research Center, campus libraries and the Office of Research and Special Projects.  The information they shared on ways to work on campus and in the community to strengthen your academic and pre-professional experience is housed on this video.

This year our emphasis will again be on internships and research, and we will again be partnering with the Writing Center.  We have also partnered with the Student Opportunity Center to give you the chance to explore a range of publishing, internships, and conference opportunities.  

Next up:  Personal Statement Workshop with Writing Program faculty Heather Martin.  Wednesday, 1/17, from 4-5:30 in the Chan Classroom in the AAC.  

The personal statement is a tricky genre, and Writing Program faculty Heather Martin will guide you as you start thinking about how to craft yours!  Pizza will be provided.

This is the first in this quarter's series of Extreme Academics events. Working with the Writing Program, we will be presenting several useful workshops and speakers to help you develop your academic resume and build on your academic skills. Upcoming events include:

  • "Beyond the Elevator Speech," with Communications Associate Professor Kate Willink, TBA
  • "Finding Your Way in the Field," how to find journals and conferences for your work, TBA
  • Fellowship advisors help you figure out what fellowship you should apply for, TBA
  • "Getting your Project off the Ground," help with individual projects for publication or presentation, TBA

For more information, please contact Shawn Alfrey or join the Extreme Academics group of Facebook.