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Grants for Honors Program Students

The Honors Program supports student academic pursuits beyond the classroom.  In addition to working with Extreme Academics to encourage academic discovery, the Honors Program provides grant money to support the academic work of Honors Program students.  There is also one named Scholarship awarded each year to one exemplary junior member of the program.

Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship

The Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship provides financial support to one exemplary member of the Honors Program entering the senior year.  Students are nominated each spring by professors and peers in recognition of their academic and community achievements in the Honors Program.  The student must be in good academic standing, on their way to fulfilling all of their honors requirements, and have unmet need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.  The scholarship was established by Honors Program alumna Donna M. Schmid (Psychology, ’78) in memory of her parents and grandparents. 

Special Honors Funding

Students can also apply for Special Honors Funding, which provides up to $1000 and is available to help defray the costs of scholarly pursuits including travel to conferences and archives and the purchase of research materials.

Please contact Shawn Alfrey at for more information.