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Housing and Residential Education


All Gender Community

Purpose and Standards

All Gender housing aligns with Housing & Residential Education's (HRE) Diversity Statement and creates a brave space for DU students from all gender identities. All Gender aims to cultivate a dynamic community for students to engage with peers, allies, and advocates who wish to live in a mixed sex/gender living environment.
The purpose of All Gender is to provide an environment where students can live with whomever they are most comfortable with/in support of all gender identities. HRE acknowledges the limitations of the gender binary and is actively working to provide brave spaces for students to express themselves freely. All Gender housing acknowledges that gender is a social construct which exists on a spectrum. Living in the community will engage students through peer relationships, staff support, resources, and programming opportunities that empower students to become agents of change.

All Gender Community Standards

  1. Community members will model behavior that reflects a positive value and respect for gender as a non-binary social construct. Community members' actions and behaviors must reflect the values of the community and will also promote a brave, affirming, and inclusive environment for all students living in the community. Guests will also respect the values and standards of the All Gender community.
  2. Community members will have an openness and/or desire to develop their own understanding of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  3. Community members will use inclusive and socially just language and the gender pronouns and preferred names of community members.
  4. Community members will honor the privacy of peers in the community.

How Can I Apply for the All Gender community?

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 All Gender community!

APPLY for All Gender!

STEP 1: Fill out your housing application as part of Room Selection for 2020-2021 in PioneerWeb. (Guidelines for participating in room selection)
While filling out your housing application, do not join a group with students who are not interested in joining All Gender.

STEP 2: Fill out the online application. Deadline to apply is 4:30pm on Wednesday, April 15 .

STEP 3: If you have not already done so, schedule a meeting with Khouri Markos, Director of Residential Education by emailing Please include 3 days/times that will work with your schedule to set up an in-person meeting. This meeting must take place by the application deadline of April 15 at 4:30pm.

For additional information about the community and the application process, you can read the All Gender Community Agreement, or contact Khouri Markos