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Fraternity & Sorority Housing

In partnership with the Office of Student Engagement (OSE), which includes Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL), the University of Denver offers residents of certain fraternities or sororities to live in a chapter facility with other members of the same organization. There are many nuances between these facilities, most notably, what DU's role is in working with each property. While FSL staff work with all DU fraternities and sororities, there are nine that have a relationship to DU Housing.  

DU Owned/Operated v. Non-DU Owned/Operated 

There are four facilities that are DU owned and/or operated. These are as follows:

  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Delta Zeta
  • Lambda Chi Alpha 
  • Zeta Beta Tau

In these four chapter facilities, DU plays an active role in managing these properties. All billing for students living in these properties goes through DU and all students residing in these four facilities are subject to the same Guide to Residence Living, and a similar Housing Contract, as those students living in a DU Residence Hall or Apartment.

As it relates to COVID-19, these facilities have the same de-densification restrictions and precautions as the residence hall facilities. Facilities concerns or questions as it relates to COVID-19 can be sent to

There are five facilities that are privately owned and/or operated and not managed by DU. These are listed below, along with a primary point of contact for each facility:

In these five chapter facilities, DU plays no active role in managing these properties. However, students subject to the second year of the two-year live-on requirement can be released to live in one of these chapter facilities. No billing or financial components for any of these properties are handled through DU, and all are considered in the same way as off-campus housing.

As it relates to COVID-19, these facilities have been encouraged to meet DU's de-densification protocols for residence hall facilities, but DU has no control over those decisions, nor does DU have any ability to intervene to release students from any contract or agreement for students living in these facilities. Questions or concerns regarding these facilities should be directed to the contact individual listed.

Room Rates

Note that each FSL property sets their own rates for different rooms and room types. For DU Owned and/or Operated facilities, each facility communicates their rates to DU Housing and those are entered into the student's account, the same way that a residence hall room charge is.

Note that the only students living in Lambda Chi Alpha are eligible for the Residence Hall Grant. Those living in any other chapter facility are not eligible for this grant. For Privately Owned and/or Operated facilities, room rates and billing is coordinated directly though the individual property.