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Our Residence Halls


Johnson-McFarlane Hall (first-year residents)- Take video tour

Centennial Halls (first-year residents)- Take video tour

Centennial Towers (first-year residents)

Nelson Hall (second-year residents)- Take video tour

Nagel Hall (second-year residents)- Take video tour

Choosing Your Building

First-year undergraduates can choose to live in either Centennial Halls (simply called Halls), Johnson-McFarlane Hall (also known as J-Mac), or Centennial Towers (known as Towers).

The buildings look different on the outside, but inside, the differences are minor. The average rooms in Halls and Towers are slightly larger, while rooms in J-Mac have bigger windows. J-Mac is closer to most science and music classes, and Halls and Towers are closer to the Ritchie Center and the arts and humanities classes held in Sturm Hall. Both sides of campus have convenience stores and dining options available.

Towers is the only building open for first-year students during winter break. Nagel Hall will be the only building open for second-year students during winter break.

In Halls, rooms are arranged in a rectangle around a central bathroom and elevator, while in J-Mac, rooms run along a hallway with the bathroom at one end.  Students in Towers share a bathroom and small kitchen in a suite.  Towers rooms are arranged in a rectangle around a central laundry room and storage rooms.

Once you've chosen which building you'd like to live in, submit your housing application.

Some of the Benefits to Living on Campus

  • Convenience- All the halls are right on campus, with short walks to classrooms, the athletic center, and light rail.
  • Safety precautions- You need a keycard to get into the residential parts of our buildings, and the halls have front desks staffed 24/7.
  • Room for fun- Our halls have big lounges for watching TV or playing pool, and lots of small, comfortable lounges for studying or hanging out.
  • Learning opportunities- Living and learning communities, theme floors, classrooms, and educational events planned by our staff in the residence halls make learning a part of day-to-day life.