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Diversity Development Team

Advancing Inclusive Excellence

In keeping with the Department of Housing and Residential Education's belief in the value of diversity, the department has a dedicated Diversity Development Team. It is the mission of the Diversity Development Team to advance the ideals of social justice and inclusive excellence as primary goals in all aspects of the Department of Housing and Residential Education's activities and policies.

We sincerely believe that diversity lived is diversity learned. As such, the Team takes focused, intentional, and well-informed actions with the objective of creating inclusive learning environments that promote individual and social development in our department, the residence halls, and the DU community at large. Since our founding, the Team has successfully integrated many aspects of the Diversity Statement into our communities. We strive to provide our students with a staff and support system that respects diversity, social justice and individual development through learning and understanding. To that end, our team has

  • Created the Diversity Statement for the department
  • Established liaisons to each of our buildings
  • Became a part of the interview process for hiring staff members
  • Created mandatory quarterly training sessions for all staff members
  • Enhanced requirements and resources so that RAs are able to create better social justice-oriented programs

Contact if you are interested in joining us in the important work we are doing.