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Diversity Lived is Diversity Learned


With a two year live-on campus requirement for all incoming students, we recognize that our residence halls play an essential role in helping to shape and advance the DU community.  We work hard to foster an environment that encourages intellectual and social development beyond the classroom and promotes the best kind of learning experience: that which we gain from each other.  As such, our department has a staff that is committed to upholding the values expressed in our Diversity Vision Statement and creating a culture that respects those ideals.

Diversity Value Statement

The University of Denver Department of Housing & Residential Education believes that diversity is a core value of our residential communities. As such, we, the students and staff of Housing & Residential Education are committed to pursuing inclusive excellence and social justice through programming, dialogue, and actively embracing our individual and unique identities and differences as well as our commonalities. We support a pluralistic living environment in our residence halls that respects all voices and maintains human dignity through intellectual, social and emotional growth. We seek to foster the development of engaged global citizens through mutual understanding of race and ethnicity, religions, socio-economic classes, gender identity expressions, sexual orientation, physical and learning abilities, national origins, veteran status, and ages. In this way, Housing & Residential Education respects, promotes and advocates diversity, because we believe diversity lived is diversity learned.