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Welcome to Housing and Residential Education at DU!

COVID-19 Updates

The university has created a FAQ page regarding housing for the 2020-2021 academic year and what that will look like.

Updates for Housing-specific policies and procedures can be found on our website. Additionally, students who are experiencing financial hardships or are in need of additional resources during this time can visit the Student Outreach & Support website.

COVID-19 Housing Updates

Incoming 1st Year Students

Submit your ID photo online through the DU ID Card Website by August 3, 2020! Visit the ID Card website to send in your photo, avoid lines, and save time.

Students were emailed on Friday, June 12 to their DU email address with various updates regarding housing options and the housing application. Students were informed of the following:

  • New Preferences Page
    • Students need to log into their housing application by July 6 at 8 AM to update their preferences page. Students who do not update their preferences page by this date will be assigned to housing based on availability.
    • Students do not need to redo their entire application, only the preferences page.
    • Preferences are based on room types and prices can be found here. They are:
      • Single in Dimond Family Residential Village, Centennial Halls and Johnson-McFarlane. This option has a community bathroom that will be shared with 11-17 students.
      • Double in Suite in Centennial Towers. With this option, students have one (1) roommate and share an attached bathroom and kitchen with 1-3 additional students.
      • Double in Suite in Nagel Hall. With this option, students have one (1) roommate and share an attached bathroom with 1-3 additional students.
  • Additional Information
    • If a student indicates that they want a single space and have a confirmed roommate, we will try to place them on the same floor, or within the same building.
    • If having a roommate is most important, students should make sure to designate that on the new preference page.
    • Students who are in a Living & Learning Community (LLC) or themed community will be assigned to the community's designated building and room type. For further questions about this, students should reach out to the program coordinator of that LLC or themed community.

2nd Year Students

Room Selection for rising 2nd year student has concluded. Students who were not able to go through the Room Selection process or did not fill out their application in time will be placed in the Off-Campus Residential Communities. Below are important dates surrounding Room Selection. Students who are awaiting their assignment in the Off-Campus Communities will also receive information about important dates, move-in procedures, etc., on July 17.

  • June 23 at 4 PM: Cancellations that are made after this date will now result in a forfeiture of the student's $200 Housing deposit. If a student did not cancel their application by this date, they were/will be placed in a space after room selection concluded.
  • July 10 at 4 PM: Students who cancel their application and placement by this date will still receive the Residence Hall Grant for the 20-21 Academic Year, if they were already previously eligible. Students who cancel after this date will not receive the Residence Hall Grant.
  • July 31 at 8 AM: This is the final deadline to cancel Fall housing with the $200 Housing deposit forfeiture. Cancellations made after this deadline will lose the Housing deposit and be charged the $1,000 contract breakage fee. Additionally, students would not receive the Residence Hall Grant as it is after the July 10 deadline.

3rd/4th Year Students

Students who had filled out an application in anticipation of studying abroad in the fall were emailed on Thursday, June 11 with updates to the study abroad housing process, as well as an updated timeline.

  • July 31 at 8 AM: Deadline to cancel housing. Any cancellations made after this date will incur the $200 deposit forfeiture (or be charged $200) as well as the $1,000 contract-breakage fee.

Graduate Student Housing

With the changing landscape from the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in occupancy planning, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer housing placements to incoming graduate students for the 2020-2021 year. While the housing application will remain open, we encourage incoming graduate students to visit our Off Campus Housing page for information and resources to look for off-campus housing options.

Important Events and Announcements

Roommate Selection

Finding a roommate is a fun and exciting time for students! If you find someone you would like to room with for the 2020-2021 academic year, please make sure to have your roommate request completed in the housing application by Monday, June 22. Students who do not request a roommate will be paired with someone based on their identified preferences they provided in their application.  

Want to know a little more? Take a look at this article that discusses the ways HRE works to assist students in the roommate selection process and navigating how to live with a roommate.

Summer Conference & Event Housing

If you are looking for rates, or want to talk with someone about booking your conference or event over the summer season, please visit the Conference and Event Services page.

themed communities

Housing & Residential Education offers two themed Living Communities for students to join during their second year. Our All Gender Community, housed in Nelson, aims to cultivate a dynamic community for students to engage with peers, allies, and advocates who wish to live in a mixed sex/gender living environment.

Our GlobalRes Community, housed in Nagel Hall, is a themed living community designed for students who wish to live in a culturally diverse environment. The community will include DU students from diverse backgrounds as well as a Graduate Coordinator and Resident Assistant who will provide engaging cultural learning opportunities for students on a monthly basis.