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All Gender Resources

First year & transfer students

Housing & Residential Education offers various resources for students who do not identify within the gender binary. Incoming first year and transfer students who have questions about their individual housing needs, or would like to talk with a staff member about gender-inclusive housing, can reach out to our Housing email to schedule a meeting. The form is confidential, and once filled out it is emailed to the Occupancy team, who will then directly reach out to students.

returning students

Second year students have the opportunity to join the All Gender community, located in Nelson Hall. The purpose of All Gender is to provide an environment where students can live with whomever they are most comfortable with/in support of all gender identities. HRE acknowledges the limitations of the gender binary and is actively working to provide brave spaces for students to express themselves freely. All Gender housing acknowledges that gender is a social construct which exists on a spectrum. Living in the community will engage students through peer relationships, staff support, resources, and programming opportunities that empower students to become agents of change. For more information about the All Gender community, community standards, and to apply for the All Gender community, please visit the All Gender Community page.

For third and fourth year students, all on-campus living spaces have the capability to be gender-inclusive depending on space availability and roommate groups at Room Selection. Students who have questions about this or would like to speak with a staff member can contact the Housing Office.

Pride lounge

The Pride Lounge is a shared spaced between HRE and the Center for Multicultural Excellence, and is available for all students and/or anyone in the community that has access. Located on the first floor of Centennial Halls, it opened its doors to the DU community on October 26th, 2017 and is "committed to cultivating an inclusive and supportive space for students of all sexual orientations, gender expressions, and identities. Through campus and community collaboration, the Pride Lounge provides support services, education, and programming and seeks to create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff interested in developing their understanding of LGBTIQA issues." For more information about the Pride Lounge, the reservation process, and their hours, please visit the Pride Lounge page.