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Checking Out


How to check out if you will be moving out of your room mid-quarter

  • Plan on when you will be checking out of your room.
  • Email to notify them of your check out and reason.
  • Pack all of your belongings and remove them from your room or apartment.
  • Clean the room/apartment and common spaces of your suite.This includes:
    • Removing trash, returning furniture to its original condition.
    • Cleaning fees will be assessed if the space has not been thoroughly cleaned.
    • Any damage charges will be assessed if there is damage to the room. Please refer to the Guide to Residence Living: to see more detailed information about damage charge process.
  • Choose your check out method (explained below).
  • It will be processed within 3 business days and your account will be updated at that point. If you are not approved to move out, you will be notified by email about the status of your move-out.

Check Out methods

  • Check out with Housing Residential Education Staff Member:
    • There will be a staff member available between the hours of 5p-7p for Residence Halls and by appointment for the on-campus Apartments (email to schedule an appointment), 7 days a week. This person is available for you to check out with. Once all your belongings are moved out of your room and your space has been cleaned, please go to your Residence Hall Front Desk to meet with the HRE check out to walk through your room. During this time, the staff member will assess any damages to your room/suite and collect your keys. Any damage that has been incurred while you have been living there, will be charged so please make sure to note any damages on your Room Inventory Form once you move in.
  • Express Check Out: This is the quicker process of the two options.
    • Students may choose this option if they feel their room is in "good condition" or if they wish to leave at any point outside of the 5pm-7pm time frame. Students must pack up and remove all their belongings from their room. They are responsible for cleaning the space.  It is your responsibility to clean your room/apartment, remove your belongings and trash, and report any damages that have occurred while living in your room/apartment. Your room/apartment will be inspected after you move out, and you will be charged for any damages, missing items, and/or cleaning charges. Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those living in your room/apartment
    • Go to your Residence Hall Front Desk o Grab an Envelope.
    • Put your keys in the envelope and seal it.
    • Fill out your name, ID number, room number and time of check out.
    • Sign the envelope and return it to the Front Desk Assistant or Drop Box.
    • Charges for any additional individual room/suite/apartment damages that are found after check out will be charged to the student's account.
    • Please note: Residents using the express checkout option waive their right to appeal any individual room/suite/apartment damage charges. With either checkout option, residents are not able to appeal any common (floor)/building damages.