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Housing-Related COVID-19 Updates

With the growing state, national, and global concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Housing & Residential Education has been in close contact with the Chancellor and the University's Administration to ensure compliance with any CDC and Colorado Department of Public Health mandates and requirements. Below are a list of frequently asked questions that have been received thus far, to help provide clarity and direction for our on-campus residential student population. Additionally, please visit the university's FAQ page about housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Please be aware that the University of Denver has established a specific website for any and all University-wide updates regarding the virus. For more information within the state of Colorado, please visit this page. For information specific to the city and county of Denver, please visit their website. This page is a working document and will be updated as we receive any questions that will be helpful for DU students and community members.

The university has also set up a Student FAQ page and a Families FAQ page, both of which have helpful information about how the virus affects our campus, our students, and our DU families. Additionally, the university has various resources available to students who may be facing financial hardships during this time. For more information about these resources, please visit the Student Outreach & Support website.

Our department will continue to update this page as we receive more questions and updates to share out. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following resources:

  • Health & Counseling Center
    • (303) 871-2205
  • Campus Safety
    • (303) 871-2334 (Non-Emergency)
    • (303) 871-3000 (Emergency)
  • Housing & Residential Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are based on inquires received in the Housing & Residential Education office and those asked and answered during DU Community town halls. Answers to these questions will be updated as more updates are announced.

Will residence hall lounges be open?

Yes, with reduced occupancy and social distancing required in each community space. These requirements will also be posted near each space.

What does move-in look like for helpers?
  • Students can have two helpers come into the building with them to help you move in.
  • Students can have more than two people come to campus with them, however they are only permitted to have two in the building with them/helping them move-in. This will be reinforced on move-in day by members of our staff.
  • Helpers can stay on campus as long as they would like, but they are only allowed to enter the buildings during the timeslot window. After that, helpers will not be able to enter the residence halls.
  • Helpers/parents are not required to quarantine for 14 days prior to their student's move-in date, nor must they get a test to help with move-in. Only students are required to both quarantine and provide a negative test.
If students move in and DU closes again, what does that look like?

Students will be directed to the off-campus website for support in finding housing elsewhere if the University has to close.

How will dining work?

Students will be able to use any of the dining facilities on campus. There will be a limited number of students allowed in the dining areas at one time, and tables will be spaced out and extremely limited for distancing purposes. There will be no buffets and no self-serve options.

There will be specific flow patterns set up within each dining facility to ensure a quick and safe trip, and all diners will be required to wear face coverings to access each of the facilities. Retail locations will be open, but may have limited hours depending on traffic.

Only those with an active meal plan will be able to use the dining facilities - no visitors or outside entities will be allowed to enter. These changes are likely to impact student travel time to and from class, so students are encouraged to plan accordingly. 

How do I indicate my intent to return to campus on PioneerWeb?

Students can visit to fill out the arrival form. If living on-campus, students must fill this out with the date they were assigned by HRE in their housing assignment email.

Will rooms that are usually doubles have the second set of furniture removed for this year?

No - due to our limited storage options on campus we do not have the capacity to hold all the extra sets of furniture and will not be removing it from spaces.

What about bathroom cleaning?

Bathrooms in JMAC, Halls, TLC, and DFRV will be cleaned three times per day. Students living in Towers, Nagel, or Nelson will be responsible for cleaning their own bathroom spaces and will be able to get cleaning supplies from the front desk if needed.

What if I/my student has already had a positive COVID test?

Students will not need to get re-tested if their positive test result was within 90 days from their move-in date. They will, however, still need to submit the documentation of their previous test result.

How does on-campus testing work?

Students who want to get tested by DU will be able to setup an appointment to get tested starting in mid-August. Results are guaranteed by National Jewish Hospital within 48 hours. Students will be asked if they want testing in the Back to Campus Survey that is sent out to them.

Students who want to get tested on campus prior to their move-in date would ideally come to Denver 2-3 days before move-in to get the test, so they would have the result in time for their move-in timeslot.

For information about discount hotel rates near campus while waiting for a test result or to quarantine, please email

Please Note:

  • All testing must be the RT-PCR NASAL swab (no saliva swabs)
  • Students who bring improper testing/don't bring results (upload into MyHealth before arrival) will be turned away from campus and sent to testing, and won't be allowed back until they have their test results
  • Currently, testing will only be M-F, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Testing from DU will be covered for all students/faculty/staff returning in person this Fall – no DU health insurance required
  • Randomly selected groups of the DU community (students/faculty/staff) will be tested each week, with an additional focus on individuals deemed by DU to have a higher risk of exposure
  • Those living in Denver: Pepsi Center will continue to do their free testing for the community throughout August for anyone interested in going that route
How do visitors to the residence halls work?

Two helpers will be allowed during move-in. After then, no guests or visitors will be allowed on any residential floor (students can enter common area/lobby floors if needed). No overnight visitors or guests of any kind will be allowed in student rooms, with the exception of students who live on the same floor. Students living on campus are not permitted to visit other students living on campus if they live in a different building. These policies will be enforced by the building staffs, and including Campus Safety response if needed.

How does the quarantine/isolation window work?

Students need to quarantine 14-days before coming to campus (before their move-in slot) and need to be tested during that window, as well as receive the results before their move-in date. If any of that is not met, the student will be turned away.

The 14-day window can be in multiple spots: for example, students could do 10 days at home and 4 days in Colorado before coming to campus. Students who are traveling to DU during their 14 day window (driving, flying, etc.), please take extra precautions during your journey.

Those coming from a state NOT on the DU travel restriction list will still need to quarantine for 14 days before coming to campus.

If you have a hardship that prevents you from quarantining for 14-days before coming to campus, you must email to discuss your circumstances

How do classes work if I enter isolation (Hilltop)?

If students have to quarantine or isolate, all classes have in place a 2-week process for them to participate remotely. If it extends beyond the 2-weeks, all units have processes in place to help students either move to a different course or adapt.

The HCC will be available via telehealth to check-in with students, and RAs will also be connecting virtually with residents in isolation.

Students who are local are welcome to go home to isolate if they choose to do so.

What happens if I do not comply with face covering/social distance policies?

This is a serious offense, and students found in violation of these policies will be sent through the conduct process and work with Student Rights and Responsibilities. The outcome may result in a student being asked to leave housing/campus or being prohibited from continuing to stay on campus in any capacity for the quarter.

Are face coverings provided?

Each student will receive one provided face covering that is washable. Students need to bring their own additional coverings.

Both cloth and paper (disposable) coverings are permitted. Limited numbers of disposable coverings are available in classrooms.

What happens with SquirrelBox/third-party storage vendors?

Students who worked with SquirrelBox will be communicated with directly about picking up their belongings.

If you stored things in Denver at the end of Winter/Spring, and it is NOT through the DU-coordinated SquirrelBox process, you will need to arrange a time to have those belongings dropped off outside. No item delivery to your room or inside the building will be allowed.

Will I get a refund of Room and Board if the school needs to close again?

If the residence halls close, all room and board charges will be prorated to the date of move out for all students living in University owned/operated facilities. Students will still be responsible for any charges associated with damage to the room.

Will I get a refund of Room and Board if the school goes online and I/my student wants to come home?

If the residence halls remain open, students are still responsible for the cost of housing for the contract year.

If I am living in Auraria Student Lofts, University House or Vista and the University closes the residence halls, do I have to move out?

No, you can continue to live in these apartments until the last day of your housing contract.

If I need to leave the residence hall but want to stay in Denver can I have help securing housing in Auraria Student Lofts, University House or Vista?

Yes. Housing & Residential Education can help you secure a space to live in one of our off campus residential communities as space permits. Please email

I believe my student will have a better learning experience AT DU, will the residence halls close as they did in the Spring or can my student stay?

The university has a phased campus access and support plan that was recently updated to respond to changing circumstances. Last spring, because we did not have testing, contact tracing, detailed protocols or a comprehensive action plan, our response was limited to ensuring that our students safely existed from campus as quickly as possible. We have learned a great deal since march and now have more options and approaches which can maintain SOME in-person campus functionality while preserving the best student experience without sacrificing the safety and security of our community. We are currently expecting 61% of our normally in-person classes to be at least partially in person. Should we need to increase the percentage of classes that are remote due to public health conditions, it may still be feasible for students to live on campus. We will need to carefully assess all relevant city, state and national orders and trends to determine the the best course of action for DU. If conditions are safe and favorable, we would continue to support on-campus living with an increased percentage of coursework online.