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Quarantine & Isolation Information

Isolation and Quarantine Temporary Housing Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout a student's on-campus living experience in the 2020-2021 academic year, you/your student may be required to enter into Quarantine or Isolation per the government and the University's health and safety policies and procedures. Below is helpful information for anyone entering quarantine or isolation temporary housing, as well as common questions received in the HRE office and among the COVID Team. Additionally, this infographic provides an overview of the information provided below, for students and families to view and keep handy. 

This page is a working document and will be updated as new information is shared or updated.


Difference between quarantine, isolation, and location restriction
  • Isolation (I) is for residents who have tested positive for or are presumptive for the virus that causes COVID-19. It is ordered by the DU COVID Team or HCC in alignment with City and State ordinance, and lasts a minimum of 10 days, depending on symptoms.
  • Quarantine (Q) is for residents who have had direct exposure to a positive case. It is ordered by the DU COVID Team in alignment with City and State ordinance, and can last up to 14 days (regardless of test result), as this fully encompasses the virus' lifecycle. 
  • Location Restriction (LR) is for students involved in behavior that may have put them at risk of exposure (eg parties); they are usually required to remain in-room. This is ordered by Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) or Campus Safety, and can only be lifted by SRR once the student meets all conditions in the order, often including getting a COVID test.

Housing staff do NOT make these decisions, nor do we have access to specific case details or timelines. Decisions for Q and I come as a result of contact tracing and are communicated by the DU COVID Team or HCC, and are driven by City and State ordinance as well as recommendations from our Health Provider and the Centers for Disease Control. Additional information can be obtained from the Positive Protocol. LR follows SRR processes and procedures.  

Questions about Location Restriction can be emailed to

Questions about Isolation/Quarantine Status and duration can be emailed to

Moving to Isolation/Quarantine or Being Location Restricted is Inconvenient
Like many of the new behavioral expectations on all DU affiliates, our priority is on the health and safety of individuals and the overall community. This sometimes means swift movement, restrictions on usual activities, and inconvenience to everyone involved - all to minimize exposure risks.

Pre-arrival communication to students provided a heads up that quick, temporary housing changes might be needed, and suggested students prepare a grab-and-go bag of essential items.

We are constantly working to improve the balance among safety, convenience, engagement, support, learning, and enjoyment.

What happens if I forgot to pack something important?

I/Q housing residents can request essential items via the request link. HRE can provide certain basic household and personal care items. 

Can I receive mail, packages, or deliveries while in I/Q housing?

Yes, with certain conditions:

  • Continue to have mail/packages sent to your permanent housing address. Complete our online request form once something has arrived (the front desk will notify you once a package has been received); and we'll get it to you as quickly as we can. This will not be immediate.
  • Quarantine students can order food and other direct deliveries to their temporary housing, so long as a face covering is worn outside their space; have a brief, contactless delivery; don't linger in common spaces
  • Due to exposure risks, isolation residents cannot receive deliveries direct - no food, groceries, etc. Receiving deliveries risks your being locked out of Hilltop, places delivery person at infection risk, and puts you in jeopardy of a public health order violation charge (City/County offense).
    • Urgent medical/pharmacy deliveries can be sent in your name to the Nelson Hall desk (2222 S. High St.); let us know when they arrive, and we'll get it to you as quickly as we can. All other packages, use the online request form.
  • Please do not order perishable items to any front desk while in I/Q, as we cannot guarantee how quickly we can transfer them to you.
What does meal delivery look like?
  • We will provide up to 3 meals a day to students in I/Q/LR, charged to their campus/Chapter meal plans
  • Students not on meal plans will be billed $9.50 per meal.
  • Again, Isolation students cannot receive other deliveries, including meals or groceries.
  • It is each student's responsibility to order meals daily by 2pm for the next day's meals to be delivered. Students can place their orders via the Meal Order Form.
  • Students are provided a same-day link/number and/or a gap meal if their move prevents a pre-order.
  • Sodexo will knock and leave a student's meal outside their door. Please retrieve it promptly, as the food is fresh.
What does medical care look like while in I/Q?
  • DU Health & Counseling Center (HCC) medical staff will arrange a daily check-in with students experiencing symptoms.
  • If a student is not feeling well, they should call the HCC at 303.871.2205; there's an on-call option for calls outside business hours.
  • All affiliates are required to report their symptoms (or lack thereof) daily via or the Everbridge app. Failure to do so can prolong your I/Q stay.
What mental health resources are available?

In addition to the Health & Counseling Center, students can also access free mental health support via the My Student Support Portal.

In addition to individual consults, the Counseling staff are all offering a weekly workshop on Optimizing Mental Health and Wellbeing While in Quarantine or Isolation, each Tuesday from 9-10 AM. This single session, drop-in Zoom workshop will focus on ways to support yourself while in quarantine or isolation. Please call the HCC (303.871.2205) or secure message Jennifer Schroeder, LCSW through MyHealth if you would like to be added to the workshop for the next week, and a Zoom link will be provided in your MyHealth Portal.

What should I/my student do if there are needed essential items that were not packed before moving to I/Q?

If a student realizes they need something they did not bring with them, they can request it via the Request Form and we'll try to get it to them as quickly as we can. This is not a 24/7 or immediate delivery service; and we may not be able to provide all requested items.

What about campus activities?

Many student events and opportunities are online. Even in I/Q/LR, students can find and participate in a wide range of virtual activities using Crimson Connect (both the site and app), in addition to engaging with their home floor/Chapter virtually.

What are the policies for visitors and/or guests?

For everyone's safety, no guests or visitors for I or Q housing.

Because they do not pose an infection risk to one another, isolation residents can socialize with other isolation students in their (isolated) building. To protect staff supporting students, wearing a facial covering whenever answering the door or moving through the building is a MUST.

Quarantine residents may not socialize with others, including other quarantine students, due to the mutual infection risk.

Can I leave my I/Q/LR?

It depends; and if so, only under certain conditions:

  • Location Restriction students should consult their SRR letter for details.
  • Isolation residents may not leave Hilltop or their isolation apartment. Public health orders are clear that the exposure risk to others is too high; and, as a fundamentally respiratory illness, exercise is not advisable. Unlike Q and LR students, you can socialize with other isolation students already staying in your isolation space.
  • Quarantine students may leave their spaces for brief periods, for example to quickly receive a delivery or go for a walk, SO LONG AS you wear facial coverings, maintain distance from and do not socialize with others, and do not enter other indoor spaces (campus buildings, shops, etc).
What is the process for being released from I/Q/LR?
  • HRE does not determine whether/when students are cleared from temporary housing. We don't have that information or authority. 
  • SRR will notify LR students when they are released, and related details.
  • For I/Q residents, the campus COVID Team or HCC will notify students when they're cleared to leave. However, it's important that students forward that information to the Housing Protocol team ( or wait until Housing is notified directly. As students' DU IDs have been restricted, students must work with us to check out of temporary housing in order to have their ID reactivated. Students who move without coordinating with HRE will still be locked out of their permanent assignment.