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City of Denver Neighborhood Guide

Neighborhood Guide

Denver Neighborhood Guide

Welcome to the Neighborhood guide, designed to provide you with information on the various neighborhoods outside of the direct vicinity of the University of Denver.

The information provided through the links is from the city of Denver. The transportation options listed are just a few of the options that can take you to the University of Denver using the EcoPass, provided through a partnership with the Regional Transportation District (RTD). By living within a couple miles of a station, it allows for cheaper renting options as prices typically decrease the farther they are away from the stops. As rent prices are currently increasing across the Denver metropolitan area, finding an affordable yet large enough place to live is becoming more difficult. The area around campus has rental options ranging from studio-sized dwellings to full family homes, however these tend to be more expensive than other areas due to their proximity to the University.

The crime statistics for each neighborhood can be found at:

Please use this guide as an introduction to some neighborhoods in Denver:

Downtown Denver (LoDo)
Zip Code-80202
Transportation Options: E, F, & H Light Rail trains. 0 Bus to 11

Cherry Creek
Transportation Options: 24 Bus
Zip Code-80206

Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle
Transportation Options: E, F, & H Light Rail trains.
Zip Code-80203,80218,80204

Transportation Options 44 Bus to EFH lightrail
Zip Code-80202,80205

Transportation Options-28, 32, 38, or 44 bus to EFH Light rail
Zip Code-80211,80212

Santa Fe Art District
Transportation Options- 9 bus to 24 bus or EFH Lightrail
Zip Code-80204

Five Points
Transportation Options-D Light Rail to EFH line
Zip Code-80205

River North (RiNo)
Transportation Options- A Line to EFH
Zip Code-80216

South Federal
Transportation Options-21 bus
Zip Code-80219,80223

East Colfax
Transportation Options- 15 or 16 to 24 bus. 15 or 16 to EFH light rails
Zip Code-80206,80220

Washington Park
Transportation Options- 11 or 12 bus
Zip Code-80209

South Broadway
Transportation Options: 0 bus to 11 or 12. EFH light rail
Zip Code-80223,80209

Transportation options:40 bus to 24 bus
Zip Code-80230,80220

Updated: January 4, 2017