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Summer Housing

Spending the Summer On Campus

Summer Housing

Students should apply via the Housing Portal beginning April 3, and the first round of assignments will be done by May 15.
There are three time-frame options for Summer housing:
  • Full Summer Quarter (June 12-August 18)
  • First Half of Summer Quarter (June 12-July 14)
  • Second Half of Summer Quarter (July 17-August 18)
Priority for summer housing will take the following criteria into consideration:
  • Students interested in staying the entire summer (June 12-August 18).
  • Summer course registration or internship based on DU's campus, which will confirmed by our staff on May 10, 2017. If students are doing an internship at DU, documentation will be required from the person you are working with. This must be submitted by May 10th, 2017.
  • Undergraduate student status and class standing.
  • Students who lived in the Apartments during Spring 2017 or have an assignment in the Apartments for Fall 2017.

Non-DU affiliates may seek long term summer housing via Conference and Events Services



Full Summer

Quarter Rate  

Half Session


Summit / Mesa / UPlace/ Ridgeline                 
Furnished 1 Bedroom $3,104.00            $1,482.51          

Furnished 1 Bedroom (Double) (Summit)

$2,049.00 $978.63
Furnished 2 Bedroom $2,569.00 $1,226.99
Furnished Studio (Mesa) $2,523.00 $1,205.01
Lynn Marie    
Unfurnished Studio $2,495.00 $1,191.64
Unfurnished 1 Bedroom $2,745.00 $1,311.04
Unfurnished 2 Bedroom $2,085.00 $995.82


***Rates are either for all of summer, or half summer, as listed above.

Spring to Summer Transitions

Students planning on living on campus during summer should read the following instructions very carefully.

  • Students who currently have an "on-campus" housing assignment for spring 2017, and have requested summer-long or first-half of summer housing:
    • Will be able to remain in their spring housing assignment after the buildings close on June 9th, and MUST be present to move-in to their summer room, which will occur on June 12th, 13th or 14th. This specific date will be communicated once the student receives the room assignment. 
    • Students who cannot be present to transition to their summer space must fully move-out of their room on June 9th at 9am, and may move-in anytime after their assigned check-in date (informed via e-mail). 
  • Students who do not have an "on campus" housing assignment for spring 2017, and have requested summer-long or first-half of summer housing:
    • Move-in to their summer room, which will occur on June 12th, 13th or 14th. This specific date will be communicated to you once you receive your assignment.
  • Students who requested summer housing for the second part of summer will move-in according to their specific check-in date, communicated via their assignment e-mail. If these students live in student housing during Spring 2017, they must fully move-out of their room on June 9th at 9am.
  • Students should follow the prescribed check-out/check-in timelines as DU HRE is not able to provide storage for personal items. 

Summer to Fall Transitions

Students with assignments for Fall 2017 may remain on campus and pay for a "Fall transition" rate from August 19th-September 5th (18 days). This rate is determined by the student's pro-rated Fall room rate.

The Fall transition rate cannot be reduced to a fewer number of days, regardless of whether or not the student will be present for each day during the Fall transition period.

Students transitioning to their Fall assignment must do so on the weekend of August 19th/20th. 

Students without a Fall 2017 housing assignment, or not participating in Summer-Fall Transitions must move out on August 18th.

Rates per person (Summer to fall transitions)

  Costs (*based on Fall daily rate for 18 days)
Johnson-McFarlane/Centennial Halls  
Double $589
Triple $471
Centennial Towers  
Double $621
Double Suite $641
Single Suite $825
Double Apartment $679
Single Apartment $858
Summit/Mesa/Ridgeline/University Place  
1 bedroom $755
1 bedroom double $498
2 bedrooms $625
Studio $613
University Lofts  
Studio $943
2 bedroom $728
4 bedroom $684
4 bedroom loft $773
Lynn Marie  
Unfurnished studio $607
Unfurnished 1 bedroom $667
Unfurnished 2 bedroom $507