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Room Selection

Room Selection Process

Rising second year room selection 

Please see below for information about Room Selection for rising second year students (current first years). As a reminder, the buildings available for second year students are:

  • Nelson Hall
  • Nagel Hall
  • Centennial Towers

Step 1: Decide who you want to live with

Now until April 16: Grab some friends you would like to room with and form a group!

The application opens up on Wednesday, March 31. You can either apply as an individual, or apply as a group of 2 to 6 people. Students applying individually are considered their own group. As a reminder, if there are more 5 or 6-person groups than we have spaces to accommodate those groups, HRE may reach out to split your group.

Step 2: Confirm Group Details

March 31 - April 16: Select a Group Leader and a group name.

Once you have chosen your team, we need some specifics. One member should be a Group Leader, and your group should have a name. If you are applying as an individual, you will select yourself as a Group Leader.

Step 3: Fill Out the Housing Application

March 31 - April 16: Fill out the "2021-2022 Academic Year" housing application in your PioneerWeb account. Be sure to include your group name!

Group Leaders MUST confirm each group member's request to join the group.

Step 4: Group Selection Date Assigned

April 26: The Group Leader will receive an email with your group's room selection time.

Step 5: Room Selection Days

April 28 - April 30: The Group Leader will be responsible for selecting your space at your group's designated time. This process is completed online, and students may email, call, or visit the Housing & Residential Education office for assistance.

If you do not select a room during this process, our office will place you into an open space after Room Selection has concluded.