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About Our Department

shaping the residential experience

The University of Denver's welcoming and vibrant on-campus community regards its strong bonds and active lifestyle as an important part of its mission to guide students to positions of leadership and success. For this reason, living on campus is an important part of the University experience and students are required to live on campus and have a meal plan for their first two years. 

Move-In Day is an exciting time to be on campus. It's also part of your job as a Resident Director. Take a look at this past year's Move-In day!

Our Dedication to Diversity 


With a two year live-on campus requirement for all incoming students, we recognize that our residence halls play an essential role in helping to shape and advance the DU community. We work hard to foster an environment that encourages intellectual and social development beyond the classroom and promotes the best kind of learning experience: that which we gain from each other. As such, our department has a staff that is committed to upholding the values expressed in our Diversity Statement and creating a culture that respects those ideals. Read more on our Staff Development page and Human Resource's People Development page.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities, educate our students and staff, and ensure that we are creating an environmentally and socially responsible living environment on campus.  We hope you will join us in making our residence halls as sustainable as possible. Read more here.

Our Devotion to Staff Development

We are committed to providing training and resources to the staff with the highest standards of ethics and integrity as espoused by the University of Denver, and more specifically Housing and Residential Education (HRE), in their values, mission and vision. We are responsible for aiding in the lifelong learning and development of leaders and change agents, which in turn will enhance our community (staff, faculty, external community, and most importantly, students) to reach its full potential. Through our vision, which includes our two year professional development plan, we aspire to aid HRE staff in their development and growth on all levels, whether inside or outside of our institution, by providing opportunities to build skills integral to student affairs professionals. Read more here.

Our Focus on Student Development

The University of Denver Department of Housing and Residential Education believes that student support is a core value of our residential communities.  We strive to offer students a quality and meaningful experience and want students to value and grow from their residential experience.  Students will encounter an educational conduct process where personal growth opportunities are fostered and responsibility to the community is valued.  Through educational and social programming our residents will be exposed to new opportunities, new challenges, new communities, and new ideas that will enhance their education out of the classroom. We aim to have student organizations that are student lead, student focused and provide leadership opportunities for all residents.  Housing and Residential Education believes students are at the core of our work and we seek to actively cultivate a collaborative and caring environment where students lead the way.