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Housing and Residential Education

People to Help You

In-Building Resources

In the residence halls, you're surrounded by staff members who can help you with everything from learning your way around campus to helping mediate roommate concerns.

Student Staff

Resident Assistant (RA)-  Your RA helps build community on your floor and maintains a positive environment for residents. RAs plan social and educational events throughout the year and can help you with maintenance requests, housing information, or problems that arise during the year. If you're interested in applying for a position, see the RA selection information.

Desk Assistant (DA)-  Desk Assistants work at the front desks and provide information, check out supplies, and answer questions. The desks are open 24 hours/day when classes are in session. Each of the halls interview for DA staff during the first week the residence halls open. If you're interested in working as a DA, inquire at your front desk.

Desk Manager(DM)-  Desk Managers coordinate the 24-hour services at the front desks of each residence hall and the apartments office. They are full-time students with experience as residence hall staff. Desk Managers can assist you with any questions that you have about how the front desk functions, for example, if you have a question about a package that you're expecting, but hasn't yet arrived.

Professional Staff

Resident Director (RD) and Graduate Resident Director (GRD)-  Each residence hall has a full-time, professional Resident Director who has a master's degree and Graduate Resident Director(s). Graduate Resident Directors are live-in graduate students studying higher education/student development. The GRDs and RDs manage and supervise the day-to-day operations of their specific residence halls. These staff members work closely with the student staff in programming, peer counseling, conduct, administration, and community development.