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Applying for Housing

Getting a Room on Campus

Once you decide to attend the University of Denver, your next step is to apply for a housing assignment. The deadline to apply for housing is May 1st.

Apply For Housing

Viewing Your Room and Roommate Assignments

In mid-July you will have access to view your room assignment, and to find your new roommate's name and contact information. Follow steps 1-3 above and select "Housing Preferences/Check Assignment."

Accommodations for Students who have Disabilities/Medical Conditions

Students who have documented disabilities (i.e., physical, medical, mental, emotional and learning), and who are requesting a housing accommodation must do the following:

  • Request accommodation(s)/modifications through the Disability Services Program (DSP). This request may be made at any time, however if the request comes after the HRE deadline, and housing assignments have been made, there is no guarantee that the accommodation will be possible. In that circumstance the student may be placed on a waiting list, or possibly released from the housing contract.

If a student acquires a disability, or there is a change in a medical condition and the student needs a modification in existing housing, the University will make every effort to modify their current living space or move them to another HRE location.

Disability is recognized as an important part of our commitment to diversity and Inclusive Excellence in our communities. Please see our Diversity Value Statement – "Diversity Lived Is Diversity Learned."