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Educational Initiatives

Nelson Bike Rack


Our department is committed to taking action on sustainability issues. We sponsor numerous programs to increase awareness of, and educate our community about, the importance of sustainability. 

Residence Hall Energy and Water Conservation Contest

Each fall quarter we have a contest between all of the residence halls to reduce electricity and water consumption. The building that decreases consumption by the highest percentage compared to the previous year during the same time period wins a building-wide Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Party. Each year we see reductions; one year the residence halls reduced water usage by 1.08 million gallons compared to the same time period the previous year, and reduced electricity usage by 102,962 kwh (which reduced our carbon output by 189,450 pounds)!!!

When You Move Out Don't Throw It Out

End of the Year Donations


Our end of year collection and donation drive each year saves literally tons of items from going to the landfill. For the past few years we've had over 25,000 pounds of donations each year!

Cell Phone, Ink Jet, and Battery Recycling

Bring your used electronics to our recycling stations near the front desks! 

Compost Information Day 

Compost Information Day


We are proud that our residential dining facilities have a comprehensive composting system; all of the food waste in the dining halls goes to an off-site composting facility instead of to the landfill. Our team coordinated a day to educate residents about composting statistics and the process of composting. We also provided "dirt cup" desserts as a treat to those who participated!

HRE Eco Reps

Ecoreps at Building Conservation Party


The Eco Reps are students and staff in HRE working on sustainability programming, policies, purchasing, and facilities issues in the residence halls. Let us know if you'd like to join the team, e-mail Our team has toured recycling facilities, visited other campuses to learn new ideas for sustainability initiatives, and run numerous programs including the Green Residence Hall Certification program (see below). We have lots of ideas for the coming year. Please join us!!!

Green Residence Hall Room Certification Program

Our Eco Reps will visit your residence hall room with a checklist of things that every "green" living space should (and shouldn't) include. You'll get points for all of the things you're doing to create an environmentally friendly living space. When you earn enough points, your room will earn a "Green Residence Hall Room Certification" and you'll get a certificate to post on your door. You'll also earn environmentally friendly prizes to recognize your participation and success! Email to be put on the list for the certification program and we'll be in touch to arrange a time to visit your room!

Earth Month

Click here to see the Earth Month 2013 calendar!

Bottled Water

Since the fall of 2009, we have not used any departmental funds to purchase single-use disposable bottled water.  We instead encourage use of re-usable containers at our programs, meals, trainings, and other events.